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Sexual Harassment and Assault: Resources and Policy Information for Students

From: Margaret Klawunn
To: All active students
Sent: Tue, Sep 27, 2011 at 10:48 AM

Dear Brown Student: 

The U.S. Department of Education recently updated the guidelines for responding to sexual assault and sexual harassment on college and university campuses.  Based on the new guidelines, Brown University reviewed and modified its policies and procedures, and this email provides you with important information about campus resources for handling sexual assault and harassment.

All students should be familiar with and observant of the Code of Student Conduct.  Our policy for sexual assault is covered under Offense III in the Code of Student Conduct which prohibits “sexual misconduct, or non-consensual physical contact of a sexual nature.”   Sexual harassment is covered in Offense IV of the Code which prohibits “subjecting another person or group to abusive, threatening, or harassing actions.”  For complete information about these policies and the attendant processes for handling violations, see the Code of Student Conduct.

Brown University’s obligation, and our commitment, regarding sexual assault and harassment is to provide for all students:

  • Resources and remedies for responding to instances of sexual harassment and assault;
  • Prompt and effective steps to end the conduct and address its effects;
  • Prompt and equitable grievance procedures to resolve complaints of sexual harassment and sexual assault;
  • Immediate and appropriate action to investigate complaints;
  • Use of the preponderance of evidence standard to resolve complaints;
  • Notification to both parties of the outcome of a complaint.

We take these obligations seriously and have a number of resources in place to assist students with concerns regarding sexual assault and sexual harassment.  We also have a resource website for students who want to assist a friend:

Our campus resources include:

  • Office of Student Life, [as of June 2012, located in Grad Center Tower E, 4th Floor)], (401) 863-3145; after hours call (401) 863-4111 to reach an administrator on call.
  • Department of Public Safety, the emergency number is (401) 863-4111.  To reach DPS on a non-emergency basis, call the administrative number at (401) 863-3322.  You can also contact the Special Victims Unit which provides support services for victims of sensitive crimes such as sexual assault, relationship violence, and stalking, (401) 863-2542 or (401) 863-3322
  • Sexual Assault Response Line, (401) 863-6000. Call this line any time of the day or night to be connected to the University’s Sexual Assault Crisis Counselor, Emergency Medical Services, or the Department of Public Safety.  The crisis counselor is also available to accompany a victim to the hospital.
  • Bita Shooshani, Coordinator of Sexual Assault Prevention and Advocacy, (401) 863-2794.  Bita Shooshani is available to help students affected by sexual violence. Services include support for a survivor or the friends of a survivor, help exploring options to address the incident, and educational programs for the student community. 
  • Brown University Emergency Medical Services, available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, call (401) 863-4111.
  • University Health Services, 13 Brown Street, (401) 863-3953, medical care, treatment, and testing. 
  • Psychological Services, J. Walter Wilson 516, (401) 863-3476.

There are a number of Providence and Rhode Island community resources available to Brown students.  For a full listing of these resources, see the Department of Health Education website

In addition to the right to file a Campus Incident Compliant Form to have a matter heard through Brown University’s Student Conduct System, all students also have the right to pursue a criminal complaint and we provide support, information, and a liaison for assistance in reporting situations of concern to the Providence Police Department through the Department of Public Safety.

If you have additional concerns or questions about this information, please contact Dean Allen Ward, Office of Student Life, 863-3145. 

Margaret Klawunn
Vice President for Campus Life and Student Services


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