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Because faculty play prominent roles in the daily lives of students—as teachers, mentors, and advisors—they are often the first to notice when a student may be experiencing emotional or psychological difficulties. While each case will be unique, there are resources for consultation and to assist you.

Key Contacts for Assistance

Mon-Fri office day hours
Nights, Weekends & when the University is closed
For a concern about immediate harm or threat Brown Public Safety
(401) 863-4111
Brown Public Safety
(401) 863-4111
For a concern about a student’s behavior, to consult on having action taken, or for support:

Office of Student Life
(401) 863-3145


Office of Student Life
(401) 863-3322
Public Safety will contact the on-call dean/administrator to assist you.

To access counseling, to consult about a situation or for urgent contact with a Clinician-on-call Psychological Services
(401) 863-3476
(401) 863-3476
In urgent situations, call the Psychological Services number and follow the prompts to reach the on-call provider.

For support with an academic issue:

  For undergraduate students

Dean of the College office
(401) 863-9800

  For graduate students

Dean of the Graduate School office
(401) 863-2600


  For medical students

Medical School office
(401) 863-3330