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Information About Psychological Services

  • Phone Number: 863-3476
  • All students are eligible for these services, at no charge.
  • Generally, students phone to make appointments during regular office hours.
  • In urgent situations, immediate or same-day appointments are available by request.
  • For psychiatric emergencies, there is a Psychological Services clinician on-call at night and on weekends. To reach this clinician, phone 863-3476 and the outgoing message will tell you how to get routed to the response system.
  • Contacts with Psychological Services are confidential. This means that unless the student gives permission, you will not know the outcome of an interview at Psychological Services. If you think it is appropriate, you may ask the student to give permission for you to talk with the clinician whom the student sees.
  • When a dean requires a student to have an assessment by a Psychological Services clinician (typically to determine whether or not that student presents a threat to himself or someone else), the student agrees to give permission for the clinician to speak to the dean. If the student refuses to have the assessment, then the dean makes a decision about the student’s safety in the context of the student’s refusal.