2014 Commencement Planning

Service orders for Commencement/Reunion Week 2014 (Monday, May 19 - Sunday, May 25) are due by March 1, 2014 for Catering, and by March 15, 2014 for Facilities and Media Services. See notes below about specific service providers.

All requests for space should be submitted to the Scheduling Office via our online request form at http://www.brown.edu/Administration/Scheduling_Office/. Space is tight during Commencement & Reunion Weekend, and individual space reservations will not be confirmed until Commencement & Reunion events have been finalized. Your event is not confirmed until you have received a confirmation email from the Scheduling Office. For assistance, call x3-6217 or email scheduler@brown.edu.

Submit your Catering order online on or before March 1, 2014 at http://www.brown.edu/Student_Services/Food_Services/catering/index.php. Final counts are due by Thursday, May 1 at noon. For assistance, contact Brown Catering directly at x3-2712.

Submit your Facilities Event Support Request orders online on or before March, 15, 2014 at http://brown.edu/Facilities/Facilities_Management/ (click on Event Request in the navigation tools listed on the left). For assistance, call x3-3100.

Media Services
Submit Media Services orders online on or before March 15, 2014 at http://www.brown.edu/mts. For assistance, please call x3-3600. Support requests that require MTS staffing will be accepted through Friday, April 11.

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