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Promoting Your Event

Now that you've worked hard to plan your event, ensure people know about it. Begin by using the many free ways Brown has to promote your event.

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Take Advantage of FREE Promotional Opportunities!

Think Outside the Box

Try to think of new and creative ways to get the word out. Student groups can also stop by the Student Activities Office, and we can help you think about your promotional plans. Here are some ideas:

  • Propacandy: Make little labels about your event, attach them to candy, and distribute.
  • Co-sponsor with other groups. Ask other organizations if you can come to their meetings for a few minutes to talk about your program or event.
  • Inform Advisors: The Student Activities Office, Sarah Doyle Women's Center, Third World Center, LGBTQ Resource Center, Office of the Chaplains and Religious Life, and Swearer Center for Public Service (to name just a few) advise and support many students and their organizations - let us know about your programs. We can help get the word out and alert you to potential conflicts (or collaboration opportunities!)
  • Wear your advertisement: get T-shirts, put on signs, make buttons, etc.
  • Personal Table Slipping: don't just put them in the dining halls - hang out in high traffic areas (like the doors of Solomon between classes) and hand them out.
  • Promotional Items: put your program on a pen, keychain, or other unique item for distribution. SAO can help you identify some potential vendors.


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