Welcome to the University Scheduling Office

For Non-Academic Room Bookings and Green Space Requests: Submit your Space Request Form.
(Open with Firefox, Safari or Chrome. It will not work in Internet Explorer.)

For Course-related Inquiries: Please email scheduler@brown.edu or submit your lab, review session or discussion section online.

To Cancel Your Request: Please email scheduler@brown.edu. 25live will not allow you to cancel it yourself. You are also responsible to cancel your own service arrangements with each individual provider (Media Services, Facilities, Catering, etc).

Please Note: We do not book every space on campus. If you do not find the space you are looking for, we can advise you on other spaces appropriate for your event and their booking processes.

Our office hours for the summer are 8AM - 4PM, Monday - Friday. Events submitted outside of those hours will be handled on a first come, first served basis during normal business hours. To contact our office, email scheduler@brown.edu or call (401) 863-6217.


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