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Account Statement Subsidiary Ledger (FBM090)


Report FBM090 is a monthly summary of Budget vs Actual activity against a specific six-digit subsidiary ledger acocunt number. This report is generated on approximately the 5th working day after the end of the month.

  1. Date for which the report was prepared.
  2. The six-digit FRS account number.
  3. The acount description or reference number (grants & contracts).
  4. The responsible person for this account and the box address to which the report is being sent.
  5. The 4-digit subcode and description as it appears in the FRS subcode table. Subtotals will be indicated if activity against more than one subcode in grouping.
  6. Original base budget figures as entered by Budget office; initial budget for grants and contracts entered by Office of Research Administration.
  7. Reflects any temporary fiscal year changes (i.e. budget reallocation) or subsequent year funding for grants and contracts.
  8. The actual revenue and/or expenses for the month being reported. Detail is shown on report FBM091.
  9. The revenue and expense activity for the current fiscal year. These figures include the current month totals. Note: Grants & contracts (ledger 5) will also show Project Year totals (cumulative from grant inception).
  10. Outstanding commitments (purchase orders placed, not yet filled and/or paid). See Open Commitment Status 13 for detail listing.
  11. Remaining balance - Revised Budget minus total revenue/expense and open commitments.
  12. Percent Used - Total revenue/expenses and open commitments divided by the revised budget.
  13. A detail list of currently open (outstanding) commitments. Shows account number, reference (P.O.#), date commited, vendor, original amount (includes change orders), liquidating expenses (payments to vendor), adjustments and the current (remaining) amount.
  14. Comment area for Financial Operations.