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Form Name:



Used for:

  • Transfer expense (non-personnel) from one account to another.

  • Internal charging/billing for University services.

  • Making corrections for errors, improper subcodes.

Required Fields:

Date: Enter current date.
Account Names & Box Number: Entry account name for charge (DR) and (CR). Enter Box # for debit account.
Charge(DR) Account: 6-digit account, 4-digit subcode
E.C.: Entry Code-use 60
Ref No. Use purchase order number, requisition number or other departmental reference (limit of 7 alpha-numeric characters).
Date: Departmental reference date or current date (MMDD, i.e 0131).
Amount: Use format xxx.xx (no dollar signs)
Ref No. Optional field. Use departmental reference (limit of 7 alpha-numeric characters).
Credit(CR) Account code: 6-digit account, 4-digit subcode.
Description: Enter up to 20 characters description. This will appear on monthly reports.
Explanation: Detailed explanation of the reason for the entry.
Signatures: Signature of originator and authorized departmental administrator, if different.

Documents to Attach:

None required. However, in the case of internal charging/billing the credit department must maintain proper support documentation for billing and audit inquiries.

Where to Send:

Form should be forwarded to the Accounting Department for approval and processing. Transactions which involve grants and contracts (ledger 5) should be sent to the Office of Research Administration for approval. ORA will forward it to the Accounting Department.

How to Obtain:

The form is only available on-line. Please use link below to launch form (can be edited).

download available

Special Notes:

  • Do not use to transfer salary and benefit charges since there is no corresponding update to Labor Distribution; use Salary Reallocation form.

  • Transfer of expenses needs to occur within 90 days of original posting.