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Form Name:

TIME REPORT - Weekly/Misc/Undergrads

Used for:

Reporting positive time (regular, overtime, vacation, sick, holiday) for employees paid on the weekly and undergraduate student payrolls.

** Reports are pre-printed by department and include employee names, pay rates and account numbers. New employees, not on the report need to be written in by the department. PAF or appointment forms must be on file in Human Resources.

Required Fields:

This is a positive time report - Mark an (X) in the first column if the individual is to be paid for this pay period.
Employee Data: If not preprinted, indicate employee name, ss#, tran code (TE) and earn code. If time (hours) is incorrect, write in correct hours for earnings code indicated.
Rate of Pay: If not pre-printed, or if incorrect, write in the appropriate hourly rate of pay..
Job No.: If employee has more than one job, enter number.
Job Class: if not pre-printed, enter job classification code.
Account Number: If not pre-printed or if incorrect, enter the FRS account (6 digits) and subcode (4 digits).
Control Totals: Add total Time (hours) and Rate of Pay for only those entries marked with an (X).
Auth Signature: Pay period end date. Use the correct last date of the month (format mmddyy).

Documents to Attach:

None Required.

Where to Send:

Separate pages and send original copy directly to the Payroll Office, Box 1873. Keep departmental copy. Do not send PAF forms to Payroll; they must be sent to Human Resources.

How to Obtain:

Pre-printed forms are sent out prior to each pay period by the Payroll Office.

Special Notes:

  • Multiple lines are generated for one individual if:
    1.An employee is paid on more than one account, or
    2.An employee holds more than one job

  • Use red ink when completing this form. Hand carry to Payroll, if possible. Take note of deadlines.

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