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Form Name:


Used for:

  • Documenting reimbursement for employee business meals.

  • Documentation for expenses related to employee events and office functions such as receptions, retirement or retreats.

  • Explanation for purchase of gifts, awards, flowers, or donations made on behalf of the University.

Required Fields:

Date & Time of day: Enter current date and time.
Amount to be reimbursed or expended: Use format $xxx.xx
Name of place and locationt: Vendor/Restaurant and city, state, if applicable.
Reason & Business Purpose: Explanation as to the nature and circumstances for the expense.
Participants: Show Number of attendees or estimate for large functions. For business luncheons/dinners list the names and titles or relevant relationship. Indicate invited group for office functions.
Funding: Indicate account number and description. Subcode should be 3210 for business meals, 3220 for gifts & hospitality, and 3230 for food and provisions.
Requested by : Name and title of host or person to be reimbursed.
Approved by: Signature of requester's supervisor or the supervisor's designee.

Documents to Attach:

Form must be attached to a Request for Check or a Purchase Requisition.

Where to Send:

Forward in the same manner as you would a Request for Check or Purchase Requisition.

How to Obtain:

Form is stocked in University Stores. Can be obtained from the Controller's Office.

download available

Special Notes:

  • If funding source is a grant or contract(5-ledger), contact the Office of Research Administration. Certain limitations apply in the use of those funds.

  • Form is not required for expenses related to University sponsored conferences held on or off campus.

  • Form is not required for academic lectures or colloquia, or for student/faculty group meetings.

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