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Form Name:


Used for:

  • Payment for guest speaker/lecturer services provided by a non-Brown.

  • Payments are one-time in nature for professional service or honoraria and not greater than $2,000.

Required Fields:

Pay to: Name of individual providing service.
Address: Address to where check is to be sent. If not home address, this must also be provided.
Soc Sec No.: Required for all U.S. citizens. If not a U.S. citizen, see special notes below.
Date of Activity: Indicate date of service.


Show all fees and expenses being paid, as indicated. No receipts are required.


Authorized Brown signature is required from an individual authorized to enter into contractual
arrangements, normally a senior officer. See Independent Contractor Policy. Speaker signature also required.
Payment Authorization: Enter Account, subcode, acct description and amount to be charged. Department signature is required from an individual authorized to charge the account(s) listed.

Documents to Attach:

None required, unless non-U.S. resident. See special notes.

Where to Send:

After signatures are obtained, send to Accounts Payable, Box J.

How to Obtain:

Form is available from Accounts Payable or may be copied from the Independent Contractor Policy document.

download available

Special Notes:

  • Refer to Independent Contractor Policy document for additional information.

  • If individual is non-U.S. resident, special IRS tax regulations apply. Payment is dependent upon visa status, treaty exemptions in
    effect with origin country, and whether guest has a U.S. tax identification number. Income tax withholding may also apply. Refer to Non-resident alien procedures or contact Account Payable for further information.

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