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Listed below you will find all the forms discussed in the Independent Contractor Policy and Procedures. You may also download instructions on how to complete each form.

All the forms can be downloaded directly to your computer’s hard drive. For your convenience we have included two versions of the forms for you to choose from, Microsoft Word 6.0 (which can be used on both Mac's & PC’s) and Adobe Acrobat (PDF). Adobe Acrobat is a convenient way of sharing documents that will appear as intended when printed, regardless of the type of computer they are printed on. All of the PDF forms will allow you to type text directly on the form prior to printing them out. When you click on a form to download, Netscape will ask you where to save the file, choose the location you desire on your hard drive, and the form will be downloaded and saved to that location.


Form Name
Form Instructions PDF Format

Word 6.0 Format

PDF Format
Guest Speaker Payment Authorization (guest speakers up to $2000 all accounts) Instructions Word PDF
Professional Services Quick Reference Guide . Word PDF
Responsibility Acknowledgement for Professional Service Agreement Signature up to $2,000 on non 5 ledger accounts PDF
Professional Services Agreement (Part I & Part II)
(up to $2000 - all accounts)
Instructions Word PDF
Professional Services Agreement
(greater than $2,000 up to $10,000) - (non 5-ledger)
. .
PSA - Individual    Part I, II & III


Word PDF
PSA - Company    Part I, II & III  Instructions Word PDF
Professional Services Agreement
( greater than $2,000) (5-ledger)
Instructions Word PDF
Amendment to Professional Services Agreement Instructions Word .
Request For Check Instructions . PDF
RI Designation as Independent Contractor . Word PDF
W-9 Instructions . PDF
IRS form 8233 Instructions . PDF



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