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Requesting & Replenishing a Petty Cash Fund

  • A department head or other individual with expenditure authority may request the Director of University Disbursements to establish a petty cash fund. The request must not come from the individual who will be the custodian of the fund.
  • Requests for the establishment of a petty cash fund must justify the need for the account, indicate the amount desired, identify who the custodian and responsible person for the account will be, and describe the location in which the petty cash funds will be stored.
  • Upon review of the request and approval of the fund's establishment by the Director of University Disbursements, the department will receive instructions on how to establish the fund.

Replenishing a Petty Cash Fund

  • Petty cash replenishment less than $300 is processed through the Cashier's Office window. Complete the Petty Cash Replenishment Form located on the Controller's Office Website.
  • Petty cash replenishment $300 or more is processed on a cash reqeust form found on the Cashier's Office website.

Closing a Petty Cash Fund

  • Petty cash funds may be closed out by the department at any time upon notification to the Controller's Office and return of outstanding cash and receipts. Any remaining cash must be deposited at the Cashier's Office. The Cashier's Office will need the 10 digit FRS account number (0-12xxx-1120) and/or BAT key. Receipts should be attached to the memo sent to the Controller's Office, which includes the departmental account(s) to be charged.