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Things To Know About The Student Payroll

The student payroll is used to pay all undergraduate students and graduate students not on graduate appointments.

The Student Employment Office website includes policies and procedures for paying students, links to forms, and contact information.

The Student Employment Office, located at J. Walter Wilson, 2nd floor, can provide assistance with such matters as job postings, job classes and pay rates, and completing appropriate forms.

Pay day for the student payroll is the 9th and 24th of each month, unless the date falls on a weekend or holiday. Exact paydates are listed under Deadlines and Paydates .

All student pay checks are delivered to the student mail boxes during the academic year. In the summer months of June, July and August, checks are held in the Payroll Office for pick-up. They are also held in the Payroll Office during the Winter Break.

Students can have their payroll checks mailed to their home address while away from Brown by providing a self addressed stamped envelope to the Payroll Office.

Direct deposit is available for employees on this payroll. The form and procedure is available under the site "Forms". All new and/or changes to direct deposit require two pay periods to take effect. In the first pay period after the action is requested, the bank(s) require a ‘pre-note’ process be followed. This process is important in that if there is an error in the bank transit number or account number, the bank can notify us and a correction can be made without affecting the employee’s pay.

Timesheets are required to pay on the student payroll.

The timesheets (white) are sent out by the Payroll Office to the department’s campus box address. They are mailed on pay day for the following pay period. They must be signed by an authorized departmental employee and returned by the cut-off date indicated the table Deadlines and Paydates.

This is a POSITIVE time payroll, that is, you must indicate, on the timesheet, which students are to be paid for the pay period. Mark an (X) in the first column, next to the student name and indicate the hours worked. If a new student employee is not yet on the timesheet, and you have submitted the appropriate forms to Human Resources, you must write in the student's name, Social Security Number, rate of pay, and hours worked in order for that student to receive a pay check.

A Student Personnel Action Form must be completed to add a student to the payroll. This form is sent to Human Resources for entry to the HR system.

You must submit a new Student Personnel Action Form in order to change or add information on the timesheets.

Students who work and do not receive a paycheck should contact their supervisor or departmental manager as soon as possible. The supervisor or department manager will contact the Payroll Office with any questions or concerns.