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Contact List

Please refer to the list below for the key contact on some of the most frequently asked about areas.


Account access: on-line or in Web Ledgers

Manny Medeiros Ext. 3-3086

Jason Masi Ext. 3-1775

Computer Accounts & Access Ext. 3-7277

Form F01

Account Creates, Modifications

& Attribute changes

Wendy SantosExt. 3-3148

Donna Frazier Ext 3-1779

Manny Medeiros Ext. 3-3086

Authorized Signatures for department
- obtain form
- change signers

Please see form on website.Contact John Haden @ Ext. 3-2401 for additional information.

Signature authorization form

Deadlines for IIs, electronic entries, Prorates and Salary Reallocations

Data Control Staff (Wendy, Donna, or Manny)
Ext. 3-3148

Monthly closing Table

Electronic Journal entries
- processing
- deadlines

Data Control Staff (Wendy, Donna, or Manny)
Ext. 3-3148

- book and market value of an account
- other related questions

Kathleen Morrissey
Ext. 3-3407

Elisa Serpa
Ext. 3-3998

- usage

Contact your Senior Officer. If they are not aware, contact Pedro Lopez Ext. 3-1581


Entries:Interdepartmental Invoices(II's) and Journal entries
- how to fill out
- where to get form

Data Control Staff (Wendy, Donna, or Manny) Ext. 3-3148

Forms page

Capital Equipment

OSP - Michelle Moniz Dotzenrod

Ext. 3-1798

OSP Property Inventory site

Surplus Equipment James McCurdy
Surplus Policy

Grants and contracts

OSP Ext. 3-2777

OSP website

Investment Accounting

Pedro Lopez
Ext. 3-1581

Ledgers - How to read

Jason Masi
Ext. 3-1775

Reading Ledgers Help

Ledgers - Question on charges appearing on ledger

Various. See Batch Reference Summary for additional contact info.

Contact Data Control Staff (Wendy, Donna, Manny) for guidance Ext. 3-3148

Batch Reference Guide

Reserve funds - Transferring to/from

Academic Departments- Sarah Peri @ Ext 31072

Administrative Depts. - Jason Masi Ext. 3-1581

Subcodes - What subcode to use on an entry

Kevin M. Venturini Ext. 3-1249

Jason Masi Ext. 3-1775

Subcode listing

Web Ledgers - How to access

Kevin M. Venturini Ext. 3-1249

Web Ledger Link

Accounts Payable

Office Max payment questions

Manuela Silva Ext. 3-1657

Payments (A - C)

Agnes Madriaga

Payments (D - J)

Catalina Canlas

Payments (K-Q)

Eric Pena

Payments (R - Z and numbers)

Laura Rego
Ext. 3-1770

Purchase order closing

Purchasing Card inquiries

Mary Willis
Ext. 3-1840

P-Card Guidelines & Instructions


VWR payment questions

Manuela Silva
Ext. 3-1657


Travel - Advances, Policy, and Reimbursements

Dot Vetere
Ext 3-1777

Raquel Almeida
Ext. 3-9442

Travel Accounting - Policies & Procedures


Deadlines / Payroll Schedule


Payroll Deadlines

Genral Payroll Related Questions


Payroll Staff Specialists
Ext. 3-7232
Ext. 3-2944


Direct deposit
- enroll
- change bank account info

Processed directly in Workday by Employee


  • Foreign Faculty, Staff, and student taxing issues
  • 1042s inquiries
  • Social Security Number Corrections

Cynthia Gilbert
Ext. 3-7189

System Issues
- Workday
- Kronos System

Hilda Soares
Ext. 3-5220

W2 inquiries




Federal - Input directly in Workday by employee

State - Form available at the Payroll Window

Labor Distribution

Labor Distribution
- how to read report
- change who report is sent to

Wendy Liang
Ext. 3-2710

Salary Reallocation Forms
- obtain form
- how to fill out

Manny Medeiros
Ext. 3-3086

Salary & Benefit Reallocation Instructions & Form

Salary Reallocation Form
- deadline for submission

Wendy Santos Ext. 3-3148

Monthly Deadlines


Electronic J/E Training

Wendy Santos
Ext. 3-3148

FRP Web Ledger Training

Kevin M. Venturini
Ext. 3-1249

FRS Training -Reading & Understanding your ledgers

Jason Masi

Ext. 3-1775

Kevin M. Venturini
Ext. 3-1249

Other Training

Kevin M. Venturini
Ext. 3-1249


Purchasing Card Training

Mary Willis
Ext. 3-1840

Reading Labor Distribution and Reports Training

Wendy Liang

Ext. 3-2710

Annabella Ramer

Ext. 3-3258

Electronic Salary Realloction Training

Wendy Liang


Annabella Ramer



Year End

Year End

Various.See Year End Memo on web.

Fiscal Year End Memo & Guidelines


Bank reconciliations

Arlene Bright
Ext. 3-7357

Cashiering / Deposits

Jennifer Kraskouskas

Ext. 3-2151

Cashier's Office

Escheat Process

Accounts Payable - John Haden
Ext. 3-2401

Payroll - Nicholas Lathrop
Ext. 3-1767

Separate Entities - Accounting

Annenberg Foundation

Wendy Liang
Ext. 3-2710

Brown University Research Fdn

Wendy Liang
Ext. 3-2710

Farview Accounting

Wendy Liang
Ext. 3- 2710

John Carter Brown

Kathleen Morrissey
Ext. 3-3407

John Nicholas Brown Center

Wendy Liang
Ext. 3-2710

Taft Avenue Day Care

Arlene Bright
Ext. 3-7357

Athletics Department-NCAA Report

Kathleen Morrissey


Pedro Lopez