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It is hoped that this service guide will make users more familiar with University Mail Services by giving some insight into mail operations. Outlines of various services are provided as well as Federal Express and U.S. Postal Service mailing options and service regulations.

Applying the information listed here will help maintain service standards consistent with your needs. If you have questions concerning any aspect of your service needs, please call Mail Services at extension 3-2900.

Operational Overview

  • Receive and distribute all incoming U.S. mail via a mailbox system

  • Process University outgoing mail

  • Forward undergraduate student mail

  • Support FedEx and UPS

  • Provide a Fax Service
  • Process U.S. postage, Federal Express and Fax charges

  • Provide limited mail delivery
  • Provide general service information for the use of U.S. Mail and FedEx and UPS

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Operational Method

University Mail Services operates from a centralized facility in J. Walter Wilson. The undergraduate student and department mailboxes are at this facility. All U. S. and campus mail is distributed through this mailbox system. Mail Services truck provides parcel delivery to all departments and limited first class mail delivery/pick-up service. Departments not receiving first class mail delivery must collect mail from their department mailboxes.

Outgoing university business mail is processed through a postage "charge back" system. A completed Metered Mail Card must be submitted with all mail requiring postage. When outgoing mail is received, the mailroom weighs, prices, and applies postage. The calculated postage is 'charged back' to departments from entries recorded on the mail cards.

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Who We Are:

Executive Management:
University Mail Services operates under the direction of Elizabeth Gentry, Assistant Vice President , Financial & Administrative Services.

Management Staff:
Fred Yattaw, Manager
Paul Deissler, Supervisor
Scott Caldwell, Senior Mail Clerk
Sonya Barros, Coordinator

Production Staff:

Window Clerks Mail Clerks Driver Clerks
Gilberto Del Valle Diane Collins Jacob Grear
  Arney Hepburn William Halacy
  Henry Rodzen Jesus Sanchez
  Richard Roe  
  Shobha Shah  
  Christopher Steele  


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Mailing Address   

Brown University
Box 1822

Providence, R. I. 02912-1822

Campus mailing address is printed in bold.

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Location and Telephone Numbers

Mail Services Department
69 Waterman

J. Walter Wilson

General Service, US Postage, and FedEx billing information x3-2900
Accountable Mail, Fax, and Federal Express Service Information x3-2880
Accountable Mail, Fax, and Federal Express Service Information x3-1911
Mail Service Fax Number 863-3700

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