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All mail processed through Mail Services must be official University business (mail necessary for conducting business that meets the objectives of the University, a department, or University sponsored program).

Campus Mail is correspondence circulated within the University mail system without postage. Campus mail is used to conduct daily business with specific individuals/departments or to reach a general University population to distribute information on University policies or events. All campus mail material must originate from the department it represents. Mailings representing off-campus organizations must be authorized by the University Relations Office. For preparation requirements, see Preparation of Campus Mail.

Departments can publicize on-campus political forums and discussions but cannot use campus mail or the Mail Service facility to endorse, promote, or raise money for a candidate for public office. In addition, Mail Services cannot be used to promote a political person, cause, organization, or lobby. As with political material, any mail that advertises a non-university, off-campus business enterprise, cannot utilize the aforementioned campus mail system.

Off-Campus Mail is correspondence received or sent through the U.S. Postal Service. To receive off-campus mail at Brown, the address on all material should conform to the address format outlined in Section II; Address Requirements. All material received from off-campus must have appropriate postage applied to each mail piece to be acceptable for mailbox distribution.

Metered Mail Cards are the forms used to record and charge postage to department account numbers. A completed mail card must be received with mail requiring postage. If cards are received without an authorized signature, mail will be returned to the department.

The mail cards are provided by Mail Services, free of charge, when a Metered Mail Card Order Form is submitted. Cards will be prepared with an account number, a corresponding bar-code, account name and mailbox number.

Mail Sorting is the responsibility of Mail Services, with the exception of mass mailings. Mass mailings are usually unaddressed notices of general interest sent to undergraduate students. Please see "Mass Mailings to Undergraduate Students" for more information.

Mailboxes are provided by Mail Services. Each department is assigned a mailbox with a particular number/letter designation. If a department feels it has a need for additional mailboxes, a written request must be submitted to the Mail Services Manager. All requests are evaluated based on need and current mailbox inventory. University Mail Services reserves the right to deny a request based on its evaluation.

Mail Services is responsible for all mailbox repairs. If a department wants to change its mailbox combination, a written request should be submitted to the Mail Service Manager. Departments assigned a key-lock mailbox will receive one key from Mail Services. Obtaining additional or replacement keys is the responsibility of the department. Such requests should be sent to Facilities Management, Box 1941.

Billing for U. S. postage, FedEx, UPS and fax use is the responsibility of Mail Services. All charges are posted in the FRS (Financial Records System). Questions pertaining to charges will be researched by Mail Services on charges posted within three months from the date of the inquiry. Departments requiring details on charges older than three months, but within the current fiscal year, may research available records at the mailroom.

Monitoring department account numbers against unauthorized use is not the responsibility of Mail Services.

Service Restrictions are imposed for reasons of liability and operational concerns.

Therefore Mail Services reserves the right to:

  • modify policies and procedures when deemed necessary
  • inspect campus mail for compliance to regulations