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Student Mailbox Policy and Address Regulations

The goal of University Mail Services is to provide all clientele with the best service possible. To achieve our goal, it is necessary for all students, as well as those sending mail to students, to understand and comply with the simple but vital regulations listed below.

  1. All actively enrolled undergraduate students, whether living on or off campus are required to maintain a mailbox located at the University Mail Services' facility located in the J. Walter Wilson Building, 69 Brown Street. The use of this mailbox is restricted to personal U.S. mail, faxes* received at the Mail Services fax machine, express and ground service shipments delivered by specified common carriers and campus mail. Using your mailbox address to operate a business, conduct business for a student organization, or receive mail for anyone other than the assigned box holder is prohibited.
  2. The University Mail Services will accept incoming express & ground shipments for undergraduate students from the following designated common carriers only: FedEx, UPS, DHL.

Brown University is providing this service as a courtesy only and it is expressly acknowledged and understood by any students for whom packages are held that Brown University is not acting as an agent or bailee for the student and the University assumes no responsibility for liability for any loss or damages resulting directly or indirectly therefrom and such students further agree to release and discharge Brown University from any claims, loss, cost or damages therefrom. This service is used by students at their own risk.

  • The University reserves the right to reject and not to accept any packages from any carrier at its discretion.
  • University Mail Services reserves the right to provide this service on an intermettent basis depending on available resources and space for storage of packages.
  • The University also reserves the right to terminate this service at any time and without notice.

Collecting Packages

Signature Required Items

Undergraduate students will receive an e-mail notification when receiving a package delivered by FedEx, UPS, DHL, and US Postal Services’ Express, Registered, Certified, Insured and Delivery Confirmation mail. A hard copy notice of arrival “yellow notices” will be places in student mailboxes as second notices for uncollected items and for returned e-mail notices. Recipients of e-mail notifications should go to the University Mail Services window (large service counter) in J. Walter Wilson to collect packages.  A valid ID and signature will be required. 

Non-Signature Required Items

Recipients of packages that do not require a signature will receive a “Blue Card”  notification in their mailbox.  The blue card should be presented at the Student Service Window in J. Walter Wilson to collect packages. 


Note: Due to the incoming volume at the beginning of the school year, UPS packages may be distributed from an alternate site, which will be indicated on the arrival notice.

Receiving U.S. Mail

A complete address, as shown below, should always be used to receive service from all of the above-mentioned carriers.

The correct address format for U.S. mail and common carriers is as follows:

For US mail:

Common carreirs

Proper Name
Brown University
69 Brown St. Box Number
Providence, RI 02912


Mail is not deliverable to your mailbox when addressed to:

  1. nickname
  2. in care of second party
  3. student organization
  4. a business operated by the box number

* Incoming faxes, which should indicate the recipient's name and box number, will be placed into mailboxes when received.


Receiving and Sending a Fax

Mail Service Fax Number: 863-3700
Outgoing Rates: Domestic: $0.50 per page
Foreign: $1.50 per page

The Mail Service fax machines are located at the University Service Window. Incoming faxes require the recipient's name and box number; they will be distributed to the appropriate mailbox. Sending a fax requires the use of the Mail Service Fax Cover Sheet.