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Designated Suppliers Program


Brown University is committed to conducting its business affairs in a socially responsible manner consistent with its educational and public service mission. Therefore, Brown University will select only those licensees who will conduct their business in a manner consistent with Brown's Code of Conduct.

As a member of both the Worker Rights Consortium and the Fair Labor Association, Brown is committed to pursuing all avenues to improve working conditions for the workers who produce Brown apparel. Both the FLA and WRC believe that monitoring alone is an inadequate tool to create sustainable change in working conditions, and both organizations are seeking approaches to achieve sustainable change

Brown University endorses the principles underlying the Designated Supplier Program that workers who produce Brown University apparel deserve fair wages, a safe workplace, freedom from abuse and the right to organize.  We seek licensees who take a leadership role on these issues and, to the extent practical, exceed the standards in our Code of Conduct.

We believe that the DSP is an innovative proposal that merits the University’s support.  We believe that the DSP has the potential of providing sustainable improvements in working conditions for workers producing Brown licensed apparel.  We are committed to working with other WRC universities and licensees to develop and implement a viable DSP and address the economic, legal, and logistical challenges inherent in implementing and sustaining such an effort. We do not support implementing such a plan in the absence of a favorable determination by the Department of Justice, but intend to work diligently with the WRC DSP Working Group to adopt interim approaches designed to improve conditions for workers manufacturing Brown logo apparel.

Accordingly, Brown is pleased to formally join the WRC DSP Working Group and to participate in further development of the DSP, its proposed implementation plan and other interim solutions. However, we believe it is important to bring other universities into the Working Group to participate in such discussions and recommend, therefore, that membership in the Working Group by other future participants not be contingent upon a priori supporting the DSP.