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International Travel Information for all Brown University Travelers


Before you travel internationally, you are encouraged to familiarize yourself with the following information:

  • International SOS:  The University has contracted with International SOS to provide Brown University travelers with 24 hour worldwide medical and travel assistance, including emergency evacuation.  Please register your trip information on the Personal Travel Locator link:

You may need to enter Brown University’s International SOS membership number to enter the site.  The membership number is 11BSGC000031.

If you are traveling to Cuba, please contact our office so that we may add this coverage for you.

Registering your trip on the Personal Travel Locator link enables International SOS and Brown to better assist you in the event of an emergency such as a natural disaster, security event or to reach you regarding an emergency back home.

Through the International SOS website, you can sign up to receive country specific travel, health, safety, and security information.  While the International SOS program does not provide health insurance, it does include coverage for medical evacuation and repatriation along with other valuable and relevant information related to health and security. 

If you are faced with the need to obtain medical care outside of the United States, be sure to communicate with your health insurance carrier to obtain any required pre-authorizations for out of country benefits and to become familiar with how to file a claim for the expenses incurred on your behalf. This is important because in the event that International SOS provides a Guarantee of Payment to a medical provider, you will need to make arrangements to reimburse that expense. This is typically done through your health insurance coverage.

International SOS wallet cards can be obtained from the Office of Insurance & Risk which is located on the 4th floor of the Brown Office Building or they can be printed from the website.

You are also encouraged to read the country specific information provided by the US State Department


Any student who is planning to travel abroad, including students engaging in personal activities abroad which do not involve Brown sponsored academic study or research, please click here.

Health Services offers most travel vaccines, malaria medications and other services, including physical exams that may be required for your trip. If you are planning to travel or study abroad, call Health Services (401-863-3953) well in advance to schedule your pre-travel visit. Visit the Health Services Travel page for more information.

Travel Management Policies:

Information regarding travel expense policies can be found on the Controller’s Office website: Included is information such as preferred travel agency, rental cars and insurance, airfare and reimbursement procedures.  Travelers wishing to be reimbursed using federal funds are reminded to comply with the Fly America Act and the requirement to use US Flag Carriers.  Questions about this requirement can be addressed by the Office of Sponsored Projects. (401-863-2777).


Important Information for conducting research or University business overseas

Information for Faculty traveling with students