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Commencement Safety


Top 5 Senior Week Tips


Never prop open doors on campus. Thefts are common during Commencement season. Most thefts can be prevented by simply keeping your residence secured at all times. Be sure to lock the door behind you before heading out to Senior Week activities.

Avoid the smash and grab. Encourage family and friends to keep valuables out of plain view when parking their vehicles. GPS systems, iPods, and other electronics left out in plain sight put you at greater risk for a larceny from your auto. Avoid the headache and eliminate the opportunity for theft.

Do not leave valuables unattended anywhere. Purses, cameras, and other valuables should not be left underneath chairs or tables at Campus Dance or during Commencement. Leave items home or keep them with you.

Drink responsibly. If you choose to drink, do so in moderation and if necessary, select a designated driver or walker. Never, ever leave your drink unattended.

Report suspicious circumstances. If you see something out of the ordinary or you see something that raises concern for your safety, or the safety of others, call us right away at (401)863-3322.


Police, Fire, and Medical Emergencies (401)863-4111