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Guide To Making Citizen Comments, Complaints & Inquiries


The Department of Public Safety, and its employees, are committed to providing services in a professional and courteous manner. In doing so, we may fulfill our mission to provide an environment in which your security is balanced with freedom of movement, and your individual rights are balanced with your personal safety.

DPS offers a variety of methods in which community members may submit feedback about their interactions with DPS officers. If you wish to share a compliment about an officer's performance, have a question about your interaction, or feel you were mistreated, this process is for you. DPS has employed a new Case Management system for tracking assignment and progress of internal affairs investigations. Utlimately, these new procedures facilitate and strengthen the functionality of Internal Affairs investigations of inquiries and complaints.


Complaint forms can be found at the following locations:

-DPS Headquarters, 75 Charlesfields Street, front or rear lobby
-Office of Student Life, 20 Benevolent Street
-Office of Institutional Diversity, University Hall


The complainant will receive periodic updates and notification upon the conclusion of the investigation.