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Programs & Services


Personal Safety Services and Products

The Brown University Department of Public Safety has launched its new Rave Guardian service offering a new public safety cell phone speed-dial option to students, faculty and staff at Brown. Using Rave Guardian, supplied by Rave Wireless (, the Brown Department of Public Safety can respond to panic calls and precautionary timer alarms activated by community members who are registered with the service. The system is an "opt-in" system, meaning the process of notification to Public Safety is activated only by the user in a case of an emergency. More information about Rave Guardian and how to register

Personal Safety Alarms (PAL) - Any student, faculty or staff member who are concerned about their personal safety may purchase a personal safety alarm device to carry and use for alerting individuals nearby that they are in danger. The personal alarm can be carried in a purse, pocket, or attached to a belt. It can be used in an emergency situation to call for help, draw attention to a situation, or to scare off an attacker. DPS is subsidizing the cost of the personal safety alarms which can be purchased for $5.00 at the Brown Cashiers Office, located on the 2nd floor of the Brown Office Building (BOB). Once the payment has been made, bring your receipt to the DPS Crime Prevention Unit to claim your personal safety alarm. For additional information regarding personal alarm devices, please contact Crime Prevention Officer, Mark J. Perry at 863-1438 or Michelle Nuey at 863-2542 between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m., Monday – Friday.

Crime Awareness and Outreach

Operation SAFE Start Program - A campus safety awareness campaign that promotes crime prevention and safety planning. The program includes a campus wide poster campaign and first year residence hall outreach.

Safewalk - Safewalk is a program run by student employees, that provides point to point walking escorts for their fellow community members on the Brown campus. Each two person team also patrols the campus, against the Brown safeRIDE shuttle route, acting as additional "eyes and ears" for community safety.

Cooking with Cops Program - A community policing program offered in conjunction with community directors, and residence counselors. Post officers and residents enjoy pizza or calzone making sessions, pasta dinners, etc. while discussing safety issues. Program contact, Michelle Nuey
at x 3-2542.

R.A.D. Systems Basic Self-Defense Programs - DPS is offering R.A.D. Mens and Womens self defense programming. Program contact, Michelle Nuey at x3-2542.

S.A.F.E. (Self-defense Awareness and Familiarization Exchange) Program – A 2-hour education program for women focusing on increasing one's ability to assess and reduce risk and a pre-basic familiarization with physical training methods. A program sponsored by the National Self-Defense Institute.

“Know More!” Crime Awareness Brown Bag Workshop Series – DPS staff provide safety awareness presentations for the Brown community on a range of topics to include: Personal Safety Awareness; Home Burglary Prevention; Stalking Awareness; Brown Building Security Initiative. These workshops are open to all members of the community. Program contact, Michelle Nuey at

Operation I.D. Program/Bicycle Registration Program - Operation Identification is a nationally recognized property identification program open to all members of the Brown University community. As a Crime Prevention Program, its goal is to deter the thefts and aid in the recovery of stolen property. Program contact, Mark Perry at x3-1438 and Thomas Shelton at x3-1379.

Crime Prevention Resource Tables (Dining Halls) – The DPS Crime Prevention Officer provides topic specific resource tables throughout the semester in the student dining halls.

Brown Building Security Initiative

This program is being generated to promote voluntary efforts to enhance workplace security by developing and maintaining collaborative partnerships with various academic and non-academic department chairs. It is our hope that through these partnerships we can enhance our ability to assess the security of university buildings, and address possible factors that may compromise the safety of the Brown community and our facilities.

Building Security Assessments – The DPS Crime Prevention Officer and the Technical Services Bureau Manager conduct security assessments of university buildings and prepare a detailed security report highlighting recommendations that will improve the safety and security of the facility. Call x3-1438 or x3-1696 to schedule assessements.

Campus Watch Program  

Community Notifications/Crime Alert Dissemination
Weekly Incident Summaries/Weekly Morning Mail Update


DPS Events Support - Information about how to make detail requests for University events on campus.

Victim/Witness Assistance - Contact DPS Detectives for more information at x3-3412.

Diversity Awareness Development Initiatives – The department offers training and initiatives that fosters the ongoing diversity awareness development of its officers. Initiatives this year will include officer/student dialogues facilitated by the Manager of Community Relations and Outreach. This Community Connections model will be available to all student organizations. These 2-hour sessions are designed to foster dialogue around issues and perceptions that may impact police/community relations on our campus. For more information or to schedule an event, call

DPS Community Service Programs – The department offers several annual community service projects that engage members of the Brown community in efforts that contribute to the greater good of society:

DPS Annual Call to Protect Cell Phone Drive (October) – In an effort to raise awareness about Domestic Violence, DPS partners with the Women's Center of RI to offer a month long cell phone drive on Brown's campus. The Women's Center of RI conducts a community-wide campaign to collect cell phones as a fundraiser for their domestic violence shelter and advocacy programs. Proceeds from the collection efforts will fund various WCRI domestic violence advocacy and educational programs throughout Providence and East Providence communities as well as to sustain the Women's Center's safe house shelter.

If you have any questions regarding the aformentioned programs, please call our Community Relations and Outreach Bureau at (401)863-2542.