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Business Ethics

It is important to note that all staff members have a fiduciary duty to protect the University’s best interest in all business transactions. In order to successfully discharge this responsibility, inter-action with both current and potential suppliers must be handled in an ethical manner. Sound business ethics include the following elements:

  • Afford equal opportunity to all qualified suppliers in the competition for business.
  • Promote positive supplier relations through professional courtesy and good faith dealing in all phases of the procurement cycle.
  • Respect the confidential nature of the supplier’s proprietary information/property from an ethical standpoint in addition to potential legal ramifications.
  • Enhance the University’s purchasing and overall business reputation by acquiring and maintaining current market knowledge, and adopting and applying sound business practices at a professional level.
  • Avoid any behavior that may be perceived as unethical or compromising in the award of business. Purchasing standards at Brown prohibit the acceptance of gifts, personal discounts, entertainment, favors, personal services, participation in supplier sponsored promotions/contests, or any other activity that could be perceived to compromise the integrity of purchasing at Brown University.
  • Refrain from any private business or professional activity that would create a conflict between personal interests and the interests of Brown University. However, when certain affiliations can not be avoided, the employee shall disclose the relationship to his/her supervisor and recluse himself/herself from the decision making process. (See conflict of interest policy)