Bulletin of the University

The 2010-2012 Bulletin of the University, offers an overview of the University's curriculum, academic facilities and educational resources, and students services. It also includes information about the various academic departments, graduate degree programs, and links to the undergraduate concentration programs. Additional information is provided about the types of prizes and premiums awarded to students, Honorary Degrees conferred by the University, and a list of Faculty and the Officers of the Administration. (Please note that the list of faculty for the Division of Biology and Medicine is currently under revision and may not be complete. Revisions will be completed soon.)

The Bulletin is available as a pdf file; please print any sections you'd like to keep for reference. Please note that web addresses (URLs) have been included when possible. If you should encounter an URL that doesn't work, please return to the Brown University website, A to Z list, to find what you are searching for.

To view the Bulletin, please click here: 2010-2012 Bulletin of the University