Chemical Physics

This concentration provides students with a broad-based understanding in fundamental molecular sciences, as well as a background for graduate studies in physical chemistry, chemical physics, or molecular engineering.

Standard program for the Sc.B. degree

Twenty semester courses in chemistry, physics, and mathematics, with a minimum of four semester courses in mathematics. Core courses are:

CHEM 0330, 0350, 0500, and 1140

PHYS 0070, 0160, and 0470

One laboratory course: CHEM 1160, PHYS 0560, or PHYS 1560

One course in statistical mechanics: CHEM 1150 or PHYS 1530

MATH 0190, 0200, and 0520

Seven courses, primarily at the 1000 or 2000 level, in chemistry or physics

Two semesters of independent study: CHEM 0970, 0980 or PHYS 1990.

Other approved courses in applied mathematics, biology, computer science, geological sciences, or engineering may be substituted for some of the twenty.

Students are advised to take at least six courses in the humanities and social sciences.

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