(Undergraduate Teacher Education Program)

Note: The Undergraduate Teacher Education Program is not a concentration. It consists of a series of courses which will prepare students for secondary teacher certification.

The Department of Education, in cooperation with other departments, offers a program of study in teacher education leading to certification in secondary school teaching: the Undergraduate Teacher Education Program (UTEP). This program is offered in English, History/Social Studies, Science (Biology, Chemistry, or Engineering/Physics), and leads to state certification for public school teaching in these fields.

The Undergraduate Teacher Education Program consists of three components: courses in educational theory, courses in the teaching field, and student teaching. These are designed to complement and enhance the liberal education derived from concentration courses and electives.

Students who are interested in completing the Undergraduate Teacher Education Program must confer with the Education Department as early as possible in order to plan a coherent program. The program includes a methods course, offered during the summer in conjunction with teaching at Brown Summer High School, between Semesters VI and VII.

Courses in the teaching field

Because the program emphasizes the importance of knowledge in the teaching field, students are required to complete an academic concentration in the subject which they are preparing to teach or a closely related field. This does not mean that a student must elect a standard concentration in the field. However, such a student must, as part of or in addition to his/her chosen concentration, elect a substantive number of courses in his/her teaching field. Students considering the program should consult with advisors both in the academic department and in the Education Department to design an appropriate program of study that meets Rhode Island state certification requirements and those of many other states.

All of the required courses in education must be taken at Brown. None can be transferred for credit from other institutions. Requirements of the program include EDUC 0900, EDUC 1450, EDUC 1070, EDUC 1080, EDUC 2060, EDUC 2090, and an education elective.

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