Education Studies

The Education Department focuses its scholarship and teaching on human learning and development, the history of education, the organization and reform of formal education, and education policy. The Education Studies concentration is designed for students who seek a broad liberal arts background in the field and asks them to select one of two tracks, Human Development or History/Policy. Human Development examines how children and adolescents change over time and how their learning changes, too. History/Policy examines formal education as it evolves within institutions and society, and the implications and consequences of institutional and policy changes.

Education Studies concentrators design a program that includes ten courses, of which at least eight are taken in the Education Department at Brown University. Within Education Studies, concentrators choose one of the two tracks, each designed to enable students to develop critical and creative skills for addressing issues surrounding children, schools, and education.

Course Requirements:

A. EDUC 1100 Introduction to Qualitative Research Methods or EDUC 1110 Introductory Statistics for Education Research and Policy Analysis

B. At least five Education courses in the chosen area of emphasis

C. At least two Education courses outside the chosen area of emphasis

D. Two additional, related courses


Concentrators seeking to graduate with honors must meet all requirements for the concentration, including a grade-point average established by the Department, and state their plans in writing by the end of their sixth semester. Finally, they must successfully complete EDUC 1990-1991 (Research and Writing in Education) in which they write a 60–70 page thesis under the guidance of a thesis advisor.

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