German Studies

Standard program for the A.B. degree

The Concentration in German Studies offers students an interdisciplinary approach to German culture in a wide variety of areas. Along with courses from the German Studies core program, students have the opportunity to take courses from other departments and programs that deal with topics from the German cultural tradition (including History, History of Art and Architecture, Judaic Studies, Modern Culture and Media, Music, Philosophy, Political Science). Many students elect to complete a double concentration, combining German Studies with one of the above areas, or with fields such as International Relations or Economics, Comparative Literature or History of Art and Architecture.

Concentrators are expected to develop a course of study that will meet their particular needs and interests. In order to do this, students select an area of focus for their concentration, in consultation with the concentration advisor and other appropriate faculty. They should select at least three advanced courses in this area.

Knowledge of the German language is not required for declaring a concentration in German Studies. However, since language fluency is the basis for sophisticated understanding of German culture, students must meet a language requirement by the time they graduate.

Concentration Requirements


Candidates for honors will be expected to have a superior record in departmental courses and will have to be approved by the Department of German Studies. Honors candidates must take one additional course at the 1000-level from the German studies offerings and present an acceptable Senior Honors Thesis. The additional course may be used for preparation of the honors thesis. Students are encouraged to discuss their thesis topics with the concentration advisor no later than the third week of classes in Fall of their Senior year.

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