Standard program for the Sc.B. degree

The concentration combines a general science background with a number of specific courses devoted to the cellular, molecular, and integrative functions of the nervous system. The concentration allows considerable flexibility for students to tailor a program to their individual interests. Elective courses focus on a variety of areas including molecular mechanisms, cellular function, sensory and motor systems, neuropharmacology, learning and memory, animal behavior, cognitive function, bioengineering, theoretical neuroscience and computer modeling.

The concentration in neuroscience leads to an Sc.B. degree. The following background courses, or their equivalent, are required for the degree: MATH 0090, 0100; PHYS 0030, 0040; BIOL 0200; CHEM 0330, 0350. The core concentration courses are NEUR 0010, 1020, 1030, one neuroscience lab course, one critical reading course, one statistics course, and four electives related to neuroscience. Independent study and honors research projects are encouraged.

Page last reviewed in February, 2010.

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