The Sociology concentration exposes students to some of the most important issues in the social sciences: international development and globalization, inequality in the United States and the global south, the environment and environmental change, the social organization of health and medicine, the self and society, and contemporary cities and urban problems. In addition, the concentration features a strong set of courses in the areas of statistics, methodology, and social theory. Sociology is an especially appropriate concentration for students who seek to develop their critical and analytical skills. These skills will allow them to continue to graduate or law school, if they so desire, or to take positions in a variety of fields in the private, non-profit, and public sectors.

Ten courses are required:

Five required courses:

Five optional courses:

The Capstone Experience

Sociology requires all concentrators to conduct a capstone project in their senior year. The purpose of the capstone project is to allow students an opportunity to apply the knowledge they acquired on a project of their own interests. This capstone project provides a hands on experience through which students learn what can be done with Sociology. To fulfill the capstone requirement students have to take Soc. 1950 Senior Seminar during the senior year. Participation in this seminar allows each cohort of concentrators to discuss their diverse interests and exposes them to the wide range of applications of Sociological knowledge. The capstone project can take many forms, including honors theses, and other traditional and alternative projects as described below.

The capstone project can be a one semester research paper on a topic of your interest. Alternatively, you can design a different type of independent project. Below is a list of suggestions for possible capstone projects.

You should decide your capstone project in consultation with the concentration advisor and the instructor of the Senior Seminar. You may also need to approach a specific faculty within the department to advise you on your project. At the beginning of your senior year you should file a written statement with the Concentration advisor describing your capstone project and listing your advisor for the project.


The honors program in Sociology offers an excellent opportunity for students who seek to pursue independent and original research during their senior year. Acceptance into the honors program requires a grade of "A" in at least one half of all sociology courses. Honors students must write a thesis under the guidance of two sociology faculty members, an advisor and a reader. In addition, they must enroll in SOC 1950 (Senior Seminar) and SOC 1980 and 1990 (Senior Honors Thesis) in order to develop the substantive integration of the concentration studies, and to prepare the thesis (with the advisor's consent, students may substitute other courses for those listed above).

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