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Academic Records

Declaring/Revising a Concentration

According to faculty rule, undergraduate students may not register for their fifth semester unless a declaration of concentration has been filed with the registrar. Students failing to complete registration on time because of the failure to file a concentration declaration may be subject to a late registration fee and late add fees.

To declare a new and standard concentration program

  1. Obtain and complete the Declaration of Concentration forms which will be found online.
  2. Consult with and secure the approval of the concentration advisor of the department offering the concentration.

To declare an independent concentration program

Independent concentrations represent a distinctly personal and individualized approach to undergraduate education. An independent concentrator creates his or her own program of study, organizing a body of courses from several departments around a central theme, topic, or set of related inquiries. The approach and coursework draw on different existing departments, but the concentration must articulate a coherent field of study, with a disciplinary focus and cohesive connection between its various components.To propose an Independent Concentration, contact the director of the Independent Concentration Program in the Office of the Dean of the College(401) 863-3488. Students will be informed of the action taken on proposals by Dean Rodriguez, for the Independent Concentration Committee.

Samples of previously approved Independent Concentrations are on file at the Curricular Resource Center, Roberts Campus Center, room 228. Students planning to file an Independent Concentration (IC) may also find it helpful to speak with the student IC coordinator in the same office.

Revising a Concentration

If there have been changes to the set of courses that are being counted toward your concentration(s), your concentration declaration(s) needs to be filed again (there is no need to complete the essays again). The form for doing so is available on the registrar's webpage; it requires approval from your concentration advisor.

The Internal Academic Record

An internal academic record is a record of academic work that is used for internal purposes only; it is not made available to individuals outside the Brown University community. Only a few individuals within the University have access to these records: deans, advisors, departmental staff within the concentration, certain prize committees, the Committee on Academic Standing, and the students to whom the records belong. The internal academic record is no longer available after graduation.

Notations on internal records are fuller than those on official transcripts. Dropped courses will show on the Internal Record, Writing Deficiency marks, as well as any "NC" (No Credit) the instructor assigns.

Proof of Enrollment and/or Degree Verification

Brown University has authorized the National Student Clearinghouse to act as its agent for verifications of student enrollment and Degree Verification.

    • Currently enrolled students, regardless of citizenship, who wish to request an official certification of enrollment (e.g., for purposes of loan deferments, health insurance coverage, government documents, etc.) may do so 24 x 7 and free of charge by logging into the National Student Clearinghouse's Student Self-Service via and selecting Brown University from the dropdown. The certificate provided may be printed or downloaded and sent to any third party. This Service is not available to students who have graduated in May 2012 or earlier.

      • For students that require specific third-party forms that must be completed by the Office of the Registrar (e.g. Canadian Tax Forms, etc.) may do so by visiting Room 318, J. Walter Wilson Hall and complete an verification request form. Certifications of enrollment requested in this manner are also free of charge but take longer to process. In most cases, students should allow 3-5 business days for these requests.

        • For outside agencies/third-parties seeking verification of a student's enrollment and/or degree MUST visit the National Student Clearinghouse as the Office of the Registrar will not verify this information directly over the phone or via e-mail. Accordingly, please visit

        Note: Undergraduate students who study away during their careers at Brown need to have their visiting institution certify their enrollment status. In addition, the Office of the Registrar's is unable to certify a student's summer address.