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Personal Information

The Student Information System contains many biographical and academic data items for each student, most of which are subject to change or are of a cumulative nature. The assistance of students in assuring the accuracy of these items is important. Many of these items such as current addresses, telephone numbers, and emergency contacts can be made via the Banner self service module. Other items such as name changes, corrections to date of birth, etc. must be made in person and with the appropriate documentation. For these items, please notify the registrar's office, Room 318, J. Walter Wilson Hall.

Name Changes

At Brown University, the name reflected on the record of a student must agree with official documents provided previously to the admissions office. Official documents are in the form of a birth certificate, passport, or court order.

The name of a student for the University record includes the family name and all given names. Nicknames are not used for academic record purposes. Brown University does not record name changes for students who are not currently enrolled. Name changes for currently enrolled students are recorded only when there is evidence of a court order or similar legal basis for change. Changes that do not alter the legal name such as the contraction of the first name by the use of an initial rather than the full name or the use of the full middle name rather than an initial are permissible.

All records held by the University reflect the student's name at the time of the making of the record. Once the student graduates or otherwise leaves the campus, the student's file is closed and, for protection and security, backed-up and/or archived.

University records are historical documents and are not altered retrospectively.

Nota Bene: Tampering with an official university document is a serious violation of the academic code, and penalties for such violations are severe. Cases of suspected alteration or falsification of registration documents are referred to the academic code committee for investigation. Each student is solely responsible for his or her own schedule of courses. The registrar will not permit one student to submit registration forms for another student.