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Tuition Regulations

Tuition Credit Requirement

In order to receive a Brown degree, students must accumulate eight semesters of ``tuition credit.'' See item 4 under the College's tuition regulations for how A.P. and transfer credit may be applied toward the tuition credit requirement. Also see nonBrown summer courses.

Course Registration and Tuition Regulations

Bills that include the annual charge for courses (i.e. tuition) are mailed during the summer. Students who have questions about the course charge are advised to discuss them with the Registrar (J. Walter WilsonHall, Room 319). Questions about other charges on the bill should be addressed directly to the Bursar’s office.

Tuition regulations currently in effect provide that payment of the annual tuition entitles degree candidates to full-time enrollment, which is defined as registration for 3, 4 or 5 courses per semester. This means that at no time may a student's official registration for courses drop below three without a dean's permission for part-time status and that at no time may the official course registration (including audits) exceed five.

Tuition Refund Policies

For the College and Graduate School
1. A student who leaves the University during or at the end of the first semester shall not be charged tuition for the second semester.

2. A student who leaves the University (except under conditions noted in paragraph 3 below) or changes his or her enrollment status during a semester shall be eligible for tuition payment refund during the first five weeks according to the following schedule:

Week of Withdrawal
% Amount of Refund
1 and 2

If a partial refund is made, no portion of the tuition paid and not refunded will be credited to the total tuition required for the degree. When no refund is made, the four tuition units paid will be credited toward the total tuition requirement for the degree, and the number of semesters to which a student is entitled for full-time enrollment will be reduced appropriately.

Students who are receiving financial assistance under federal Title IV programs and who withdraw from Brown during their first semester of attendance may qualify for a different refund schedule. These students should consult the Controller's Office concerning their refund.

3. A student who is suspended, dismissed, or withdraws when under investigation for misconduct shall not have tuition refunded for the semester in which the action is taken.

4. For further information regarding tuition refund policies, students can refer to the Brown University Student Billing Guide available from the Office of the Bursar.