Policy/Administrative Program Changes A-Z

Policy/Administrative Program Changes A-Z is an inclusive and up-to-date listing of all policy, administrative program, and/or service modification across campus. These changes can either directly or indirectly assist the University in achieving its goal of saving $5-10 million in operating expenses. Please submit your new policy if you wish to list your department’s policy change on this web site.

REDUCTION IN Custodial Services

The Custodial Division is making some changes that are innovative and efficient to continue providing the proper level of service that provides cost savings to the University.  This means that we will continue providing the required services to clean your building more economically and utilize our staff more efficiently to serve the entire campus needs.

To this end we will implement the following changes: 

  • In the restrooms, we will switch to a, EcoLogo™ Flat paper towel to further savings. We are also evaluating the use of hand dryers that will eliminate the use of paper towels.
  • We will reduce the standard desk trash and recycle bins collection schedule, the following is the new collection schedule:
    • Tuesday and Friday – Desk Side Trash Collection
    • Friday  Recycling Collection
    • Expanded service provided to dorms on weekends

For more information please contact Donna Butler via email at Donna_Butler@brown.edu.

Holiday Bazaar

The Human Resources Department will no longer be sponsoring the annual Holiday Bazaar. In recent years, we had become increasingly concerned about the potential liability, safety, and employment-related risks associated with this type of event. In addition, with a more limited budget for employee programs this year, we can no longer justify the expenses associated with the Bazaar, in light of competing demands for resources to support our employee recognition and training programs.

Thank you very much for attending the Bazaar or supporting it with your beautiful handmade items these past several years.  Please email Angel Hilliard at Angela_Hilliard@brown.edu with any additional questions or concerns.

Telephone Directory

Effective this year, the Brown University Telephone Directory of faculty, staff and students will be available online only and will no longer be printed. This comes as another step undertaken by the University to efficiently manage data and minimize costs.

The utilization of the Electronic Directory (a.k.a. the Electronic Address Book or the E.A.B.) to access departmental and individual listings eliminates the relevant expenses that were incurred in past years and offers a comprehensive, environmentally friendly option for retrieving such information.

Additionally, the Brown Auto Look-Up Voice Activated System will serve as another convenient option for individuals who may not be able to access the online directory when needed.

We are certain that both options will meet the needs of the Brown community and will provide a faster and greener access to phone numbers and other contact information on campus.

Please note there is a limited supply of 2008 printed directories still available through Brown Student Agencies.

How to Use the Electronic Directory

  • Go to the Electronic Directory
  • Use the Advanced Search to find a listing even if you do not have the full contact information.
  • Use the Department Directory to get a complete list of all University departments.

How to Use the Brown Auto Look-Up Voice Activated System

  • Call 401-863-6001 (or extension 3-6001)
  • Say the person’s name and you will be connected to their direct line.

As always, the Help Desk, Telecom Office and University Operators are available to assist you.

Travel Policy

Domestic Per Diems
The use of domestic per diems by University faculty and staff for meals and lodging will no longer be an allowable option. Itemized meal and lodging expenses will be required for reimbursement, with receipts required for individual expenses over $50.00. The use of per diems for foreign travel is still permitted, however in the interest of cost savings to the University, we ask that the use of per diems be limited to those instances where receipts are not readily available.

Fully Refundable Air Fare
Purchase of ‘fully-refundable’ airline tickets (economy, business and first class travel) is no longer permissible as it does not meet the current policy requirement for using the most economical fare. In most cases, it is less expensive to pay the change fee for a rebooked ticket than to pay for a fully refundable ticket. In those cases where there is a high probability that a trip would be cancelled, and the funds are not available for a future flight, the purchase of trip insurance is allowable.

Direct Payment of Airfare
Faculty and staff may now request the direct purchase and payment of airfare with Garber Travel using the Request for Direct Billing Form. Airfare purchased using the Direct Billing Form will be paid by the Controller’s Office at the time of purchase and reallocated to the account specified by the purchaser at the end of the month. Travel arrangements must be made through Garber Travel. Travel arrangements made through any other travel agent will continue to be reimbursed using a travel expense report.

Meals during Business Travel
Faculty and staff on University business travel will have the option of one of two methods for seeking reimbursement. The employee may choose to be reimbursed at (1) the daily federal per diem amount for the relevant city, or (2) report actual costs, with receipts for any meal over $20, up to a daily maximum of $90. If the traveler does not wish to submit receipts, the reimbursement will be at the per diem rate.

The use of domestic per diems for meals while traveling away from Brown on University business will be reinstated as an option for reimbursement to University faculty and staff. Per diems will be at the current Federal rates as published on the GSA website referenced below. Travelers should make adjustments in those instances where meals are being paid by a third party. Individual departments may choose to restrict the use of per diems, and require actual receipts, at their discretion.

The per diem rates can be found in Controllers Website (travel/policies/meals) or at the government site: http://www.gsa.gov/Portal/gsa/ep/home.do?tabId=0

Hospitality Meals
In those instances where University faculty and staff host visitors to the University, the reimbursement for a dinner meal expense is revised from $45 to $60 per person. This is a maximum amount permitted, without exception.

Receipt Requirement
The requirement that travelers provide individual receipts for reimbursable expenses, excluding meals if not using the per diem, will increase from $50 per item of expense to $75 per item. This new threshold matches the IRS documentation requirement for business expenses. Receipts for expenses less than $75 will no longer be required when submitting a travel report. Individual departments do have the ability to choose a lower threshold if they wish.

Cash vs. Check Reimbursement
Reimbursement of limited travel expenses in the amount of $300 or less may be obtained in cash at the University Cashier Office on the second floor of the Brown Office Building. Proper signatures and documentation will be required, as well as proper identification, in order to receive the funds at the Cashiers window. A simple on-line form will be available in January.

Expanded Use of Procurement Card (P-Card) for Travel
The University’s P-Card program will be expanded to permit charges for most conference registration fees, and passenger rail and bus transportation. The direct charging of these expenses will eliminate the need for reimbursement to the traveler for these expenses. Proper coding, documentation and recording of business purpose must be handled in a manner similar to current charges made on the P-Card. This information is available on the Controller website at: http://www.brown.edu/Administration/Controllers_Office/payable/purchasingcard/index.html

Automobile Rentals
The Travel Policy will be amended to permit automobile rentals, when necessary, up to the ‘full-size’ class offered by rental agencies. This is a change from the current policy of rentals at no greater than the ‘mid-size’ class.

Please notify the University Controllers’ Office if there are any questions or comments regarding these changes.

Travel Advances
A change in travel advance procedures will reduce the use of travel advance request forms. Currently, any request for cash or prepayments of airfare, hotels, conference fees, etc. are accounted for as an advance by the Controller’s Office. Beginning August 1, travel advance request forms will be used only to request cash advances. Paying for airfare already purchased, registration fees for an upcoming conference, or prepayments of other travel expenses will be paid using a Travel Expense Report and will be directly charged as an expense to the account indicated on the form. The charge will appear as an expense on the ledgers as soon as payment is made. At the completion of travel, any additional travel expenses will be reported on a new travel expense report. Do not record the prepaid travel expenses on the report that is completed subsequent to the business trip. Please refer to the Controller's web site homepage for more information regarding these changes.

Vehicle Maintenance Program

Brown University contracts with Enterprise Fleet Management (Enterprise) to manage the maintenance of University owned vehicles. The program is part of the University’s efforts to ensure all Brown owned vehicles are maintained properly, meet safety standards, and ensure vehicle repair budgets are used wisely.Enterprise and Brown have contracted with BTS Goodyear Service Center on Pawtucket Avenue, Pawtucket, to provide regular maintenance and repairs. Repair costs are controlled because Brown and Enterprise have pre-negotiated labor rates and discounts on parts and tires.

Every University vehicle will have an Enterprise Fleet Management Maintenance card assigned to it. All vehicle maintenance will be charged to this card. Monthly, Enterprise will provide to Brown detailed maintenance reports on each vehicle. Departments will be able to view the detail of vehicle maintenance on the Enterprise website. Vehicle maintenance expenses will be charged to departments monthly. Please refer to the Controller's web site homepage for more information regarding these changes.