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Child Care

Information about Area Childcare Centers

Brown employees can receive assistance with locating child care (among other services) by using the Faculty and Staff Assistance Program (FSAP). Employees in need of assistance with locating child care providers have two options under this program. First, the employee assistance program website houses a database of articles, resources and information about family issues including child care. The site also allows employees to do a self search for child care. The second option is to have a search conducted by one of the employee assistance specialists. These specialists will perform a more extensive search for the employee based upon very specific requests. For more information:

Emergency Backup Childcare

All Brown employees are eligible for a back-up care program that provides them with easy access to qualified caregivers on a temporary basis when normal caregiving arrangements break down or when emergency situations arise. The University has contracted with Bright Horizons Family Solutions, whose nationwide network of providers includes thousands of in-home agencies and center-based providers who are able to ensure that temporary, emergency needs for care for children, elders, and others can be met. Services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and Brown employees are able to use up to 100 hours of care per calendar year. More information is available at:

Dependent Care Travel Fund

Funds are available to support faculty who wish to attend academic conferences and/or work with collaborators at other institutions but who have child care responsibilities which may make this difficult.  Awards of up to $750 per year are available to assist regular faculty (Lecturers, Senior lecturers, Assistant Professors, Associate Professor and Professors) with expenses incurred in association with professional travel. Examples of expenses that may be supported include additional, above-the-ordinary, hours of care for dependents at home; contracting for childcare at a conference; or even taking a caregiver to a conference or on a short research trip. Spouses, partners, and other family members are not normally eligible for travel expenses or compensation.  Application for funding should be made in writing at least 30 days in advance to the Dean of the Faculty, Box 1857 and should include details of the conference or other event, an explanation of its importance for professional development, the name and age of the dependent requiring care, a description of the arrangements for which support is requested, and a budget. Please note that under current tax law, this is treated as a taxable benefit and is subject to tax withholding.