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Faculty Housing

Brown to Brown Home Ownership Program

Brown to Brown Home Ownership Program is a program designed to sell Brown-owned residential properties to eligible members of the faculty and staff. Supporting the Plan for Academic Enrichment, this program is intended to help the University attract and retain faculty and staff, provide faculty/staff housing close to campus, put under-utilized properties into productive use, and improve relations with neighbors and the City of Providence. For more on this program, log onto:

Visiting Scholar Housing

If you are a new faculty or staff member relocating to Rhode Island, or a University guest, the Auxiliary Housing office can provide you with short-term housing conveniently located on or near campus. This section of the web site has further details and reservation information regarding short-term housing. The director of Auxiliary Housing is also available to assist incoming faculty and staff by identifying resources available to them through the University. See the site below for more information:

Housing List

Brown’s Office of Auxiliary Housing maintains an up-to-date listing of houses and apartments available as rentals and sublets. Log onto the site below for more information:

Mortgage Assistance

The Mortgage Assistance benefit has been established to assist eligible Brown employees who are exploring the different options to purchase or refinance a home. The University's program vendors are Countrywide Home Loans and JPMorgan Chase & Co. See the website below for more information: