Brown First XV v. Dartmouth First XV

Saturday, October 1, 2016
Dartmouth Rugby Field
Hanover, New Hampshire
12:00 Noon                    

Brown lost to Dartmouth 64-15 on a cloudy cool day. A threat of rain never materialized which allowed for good footing and no excuses. Dartmouth is a deep strong team and the Bears needed a mistake free effort for a chance to win. So when Brown failed to catch the opening kickoff, possession went to Dartmouth for a try, putting the Bears in a deficit from which they did not recover.

Brown scrummaging was solid for the entire match but the Bear lineouts were dominated by Dartmouth in the first half. With the game out of reach by halftime, Brown did not fold and came on strong in the second half, winning some key lineouts and controlling possession for sustained periods. Senior John Landers scored twice and freshman Nkanyiso Nzimande (“Nzim”) scored from a Brown scrum in front of the posts on a number 8 pick-up.

The Brown backs were quiet on the day, picking up small gains but unable to break away from the Dartmouth defense.  Backline defense was solid on set pieces, but in the open field, Dartmouth had greater team speed, handling and controlled the outcome.

Dartmouth’s last two tries of the match were the direct result of avoidable Brown errors and Brown must convert its conversions. The swing value of these costly missed opportunities was 18 points. Success this fall will require fewer mistakes and more attention to detail.  

Referee:    Anna McMahan

Brown Squad
1.        Kerim Saraoglu'20
2.        John Landers’17
3.        Hank Richardson '17
4.        Dakota Fenn’19
5.        Francis Rosenberg’18
6.        Graham Rotenberg’17
7.        Nkanyiso Nzimande’20, replaced at 58 minutes by Luke Hayhoe’18
8.        Jae Kim’20, replaced at 58 minutes by Nkanyiso Nzimande.
9.        Joe Paolino'17
10.      Alexander Ogilvy’20
11.      Pete McHugh’17
12.      Connor McDermott’18
13.      Trevor Anesi’18
14.      Nick Hoynes'19
15.      Mike Ball’19

Reserves:  Alex Berman’19, Mike Manning’17, Thomas Kim’18, Mike Ball’19, Alan Swierczynski’18, Luke Hayhoe’19

Brown Second XV v. Dartmouth Second XV

The Brown Seconds, with very limited numbers and several players that were unavailable, were overwhelmed by Dartmouth 62-0. Dartmouth scored 7 first half tries and 5 second half tries. Brown’s lack of experience was a big factor in the match score.

Brown Squad

  1. Mike Bolstead’20       
  2. Mike Manning’17, replaced by David Katzevich’20
  3. Dakota Fenn’19
  4. Scott Brown’18
  5. Matt Dowling ‘19
  6.  A.J. Berman’19
  7.  Thomas Kim’18
  8.  Henry Miller ‘19
  9.   Richie Glebocki’20, replaced by Danilo Jiminez’19
  10.  Zach Fredman’19
  11.  Vicek Pandit’20
  12.  Alan Swierczynski’18  
  13.  Liam Campbell’17

Brown hosts Harvard next Saturday, October 8 at the Brown Rugby Field for its third Ivy Conference match. The First XV match kicks off at 1:30 P.M. with the Second XV match immediately following.