Brown First XV v. Harvard First XV

Saturday, October 8, 2016
Marvel Field
Providence, RI
1:30 pm                    

Brown finished a brutal bout with a much deserved win over Harvard on a cloudy Providence fall day, ending with a strong 28-8 score. Both teams were 1-1 before the match, each with a win over UPenn and a loss to Dartmouth, and the matched lived up to its expectation as a highly contested and potentially crucial game for Brown.

Bruno started the match strong and never turned back, scoring within the first minute and holding the lead from there onward. A Harvard penalty immediately after kickoff allowed Brown to set up a beautiful lineout, which would promptly be mauled into the try zone for a John Landers try. Harvard thereafter attempted to disengage mauls, with limited success.

The other try of the first half came off of a sweeping run by wing Nick Hoynes, who ran across from his side of the field to recover the ball off a botched backs play and dive in for the try. The half was played predominantly on Harvard’s side of the field, in large part thanks to an abundance of colossal kicks from Hoynes and fullback Michael Ball. Both Alex Ogilvy and Harvard put 3 on the board with kicks after penalties, of which there were seemingly endless amounts.

Ogilvy slotted another kick for 3 early in the second half, but the play of the game came when Michael Ball, on a break down the sidelines, chipped an incredible kick directly to Trevor Anesi, who scored beneath the uprights to the cheers of an ecstatic fan club. Not to be outdone, John Landers would later snatch up the ball following another Anesi break to score again for Brown.

While the conduct was certainly less than ideal, with Brown collecting three yellow cards to Harvard’s one and the penalties coming in droves for both teams, the structure of the team and talent of individual players were both absolutely apparent. Offensive set pieces were consistently successful, and both the tackling and ruck management were some of the best Bruno has showcased all season.

Brown is now tied for second in the Ivy League with the 2-0 Princeton, both trailing behind the undefeated Dartmouth. Brown will travel to Columbia for a late-night city game next weekend.

Referee:    Nick Eldred

Brown Squad
1.        Kerim Saraoglu'20
2.        John Landers’17
3.        Henry Richardson '17
4.        Graham Rotenberg’17
5.        Francis Rosenberg‘18
6.        Nzimande Nkanyiso’20
7.        Luke Hayhoe’18
8.        Jae Kim’20
9.        Joe Paolino'17
10.      Alexander Ogilvy’20
11.      Placid Unegbu’17, replaced at 56 minutes by Peter McHugh’17
12.      Connor McDermott’18
13.      Trevor Anesi’18
14.      Nick Hoynes'18
15.      Mike Ball ‘18

Reserves:  Michael Manning’17, Alex Berman’18, Matt Dowling’19, Matt Jenkins’18, Thomas Kim’18, Alan Swierczynski’18, Federico Torti’18


Brown Second XV v. Harvard Second XV

Brown 5, Harvard 0
The Brown Seconds game was likewise a success, though for much of the 60 minute match it seemed it would end in a scoreless draw. Both sides made huge plays but were steadfast on defense, though Brown missed a first half try by knocking on in the try zone. Scrumhalf Thomas Kim and B-side Captain Mike Manning did an excellent job managing the developmental side, but credit goes to Alan Swierczynski for securing the win, getting the ball of a quick tap from Thomas Kim to crash into the try zone as the game came to an end.

Brown Squad
1.        Paul Wallace GRAD
2.        Michael Manning’17
3.        David Katzevich’17
4.        Matthew Dowling’19
5.        Alex Berman’18
6.        Peter McHugh’17, replaced at halftime by Richard Glebocki’20
7.        Alan Swierczynski’18
8.        Matthew Jenkins’18
9.        Thomas Kim’18
10.      Henry Miller’19
11.      Liam Campbell’17
12.      Danilo Jimenez’20, replaced at halftime by Kevin Lin’19
13.      Vivek Pandit’20
14.      Oliver Hermann’19
15.      Federico Torti’18