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May 9th, 2010
Senior Jesse Cohn, on B-Regionals:

While the UPA may like to refer to the tournament as NEWB (New England Women's B) Regionals, Brown Women's Ultimate far prefers the name Bregionals for this new late-spring exhibit of ultimate awesomeness. In its second year, Bregionals brought 7 teams to Amherst, MA, for a weekend of exciting games and extreme weather conditions. Jibba Jabba thrives at this tournament, scoring several points against each of its competitors, often trading scores in the unprecedented windy conditions. PFools, now two-time champions of Bregionals went 5-0 at the tournament this year, and they truly deserved the win. The team was on fire this weekend. To quote senior Chirona Silverstein, "In my four years of playing on this team, I have never seen us play this well and with this much intensity over the course of an entire weekend". Chirona is right. We worked hard, and it paid off. As Bregionals gains popularity, the Brown Women's Ultimate program looks forward to competing against other B (and hopefully soon, other C) teams in the region, especially those they don't see during the rest of the ultimate season.
March 18, 2010
Pity da Fool's Captain, Chelsea Macco '11 tells us of the weekend:

Pity Da Fool arrived in Philly down in numbers but up 3 fantastic Jabb-ettes, one Randy, and one Spectator Extraordinaire. The two-day tournament schedule quickly revealed itself as an overnight tournament in disguise as the PFools faced 9 hours of game-time in a mere 20 hour period. We used the wet, windy conditions to test our newly learned 4 man cup with fantastic results!

We came out strong against BC B but sadly, the game ended with an injury. Down our two coaches and our Little Paige, Pity Da Fool looked and felt waterlogged. Games against UPenn B and Harvard B were intense on both sides, but didn't work out in our favor. While developing a formidable zone defense, our man offense ("person" as Randy likes to say) had gained some glitches. Thankfully we figured it out in time for 3 back to back games in the morning. A win against Northeastern B set the mood the for the day and we soon found ourselves battling Notre Dame B on a 30 minute universe point. Finally, after numerous attempts, Jesse Ida Cohn grabbed it in the endzone. We faced Cornell B more tired than we anticipated and their stock of deep threats wore us out. We finished the weekend 3-3 and look forward to having all our teammates back on the field with us. We hope to come out even harder in future tournaments and expect to have a fantastic season! Jibba Jabba players will return to their team with substantial tournament experience and new ideas to share. Counting down the days until Roll Call...

February 16, 2010
Spring rosters have been updated, as well as the schedule. Keep checking back for more news on Disco Ultimate!