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Click Here for a PDF copy of the 1953 double helix paper from NATURE

Watson & Crick's April 25, 1953 paper appeared in NATURE with papers from Franklin's lab and from Wilkin's lab at King's College in London. Click below for facsimilie copies of each of the three papers:
Watson & Crick
Wilkins, Stokes, and Wilson
Franklin & Gosling

Two weeks after the double helix manuscript was published, Watson and Crick followed up their work with a more detailed paper on the "genetical implications" of their work. Click Here for a copy of this paper.


A Reader's Guide to The Double Helix
(an informal explanation of some of the scientific problems presented by "The Double Helix" manuscript)

Chapter 1 from "Rosalind Franklin & DNA" by Anne Sayre (required reading)

NATURE magazine has a Double Helix at 50 site that includes many interesting resources, including copies of the papers published along with the Watson and Crick manuscript.

A Special Section of the NY Times on 2/25/03 featured a series of articles exploring the Double Helix Discovery. The section's highlights include:

50 years of DNA - An interactive feature from the NY Times.
Reinventing Biology - a NY Times article on the work of Watson and Crick.
Rosalind Franklin - the importance of her work is still debated.


The Secret of Photo 51
(a NOVA web site on the story of the Double Helix)

Prof. Anne Fausto-Sterling's 2002 review of "Rosalind Franklin - The Dark Lady of DNA" from Science.


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