Biology 20
The Foundations of Living Systems

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Final Exam Review & Study Sessions

Thur 5/10
10-noon (office)
12-1:30PM (Salomon 101)
2-5 PM (office)
Jody Hall
John Stein
Jody Hall
Fri 5/11
10-noon (office)
12-2pm (office)
2-5 PM (office)
Jody Hall
John Stein
Jody Hall
Final Exam Study Materials
The Exam will be held @ 9 AM, Monday May 14, 2007
A-Mu Salomon 101
My-Vr Salomon 001
Wa-Z Wilson 101
Exam 3
Unclaimed Copies of Exam 3 are now on the hallway counter just past Dr. Miller's Office (SFH 211)
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Study Guide for material since Exam 3 (2007) (PDF)

(Of the Study Guide questions only the "Trophic Hormones" question is a bit off topic for this year. Others are fine.-J.Stein)

Exam 2
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Exam 2 Resources:
Exam 2 Study Guide (PDF)
Metabolic Pathways Handout (PDF)
Genetics Study Resources

2006 Exams
Final Exam Key (original)
Exam 1 Key (original)
Exam 2 Key (original)

Exam 3 Key (original)

Exam 1
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Exam 1 Study Guide
Exam Practice Questions (Answer Key)
"Ask Dan" (A Former TA's study guide)
Final Exam Review (Answers) [Jody Hall]



Biology 20 is an Introductory Biology Course at Brown University