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PANSS Training DVD, Volume I:

Harvey, Barbara, and Dennis

©2004 by The PANSS Institute LLC & Philip R. Muskin, MD

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  About the PANNS Training DVD, Volume I
The interviews portrayed here demonstrate the use of the Positive and Negative Syndrome Scale (PANSS).
All material was reviewed by PANSS author Dr. Lewis A. Opler. Actors were trained by Dr. Philip R. Muskin. For information on the PANSS, SCI-PANSS, & IQ-PANSS:
(© 1992, 1996 Multi-Health Systems, Inc.), please visit:
Information on training & certification:




Barbara – Leigh Williams
Harvey – Lorrel Manning

Interviewer – Mark G. Opler, PhD, MPH

Production & Crew:

Philip R. Muskin, MD – Executive Producer & Clinical Consultant

Lewis A. Opler, MD, PhD – Senior Clinical Consultant

Camera by Jesse Atlas & James Lefkowitz

Edited by Jesse Atlas

DVD Design by James Lefkowitz

Andre Whyte – Production Assistant

Written, Produced & Directed by:

Michelle S. Fox, Mark Opler, & Douglas Opler for the PANSS Institute LLC



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