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BRUNAP is nationally and internationally known as a center for training researchers and clinicians in AIDS-related disciplines. Its grant from HRSA allows it to serve as a regional training site for physicians and nurses in areas ranging from how take a sexual history to molecular virology to current advances in antiHIV chemotherapy. With NIH funding, our faculty are training lab and clinical people from overseas - primarily from South East Asia - through the Fogarty Fellows program at The Miriam Hospital.

Public Policy

BRUNAP faculty play an active role in virtually all key state and regional advisory bodies related to HIV. Audiences at our educational lecture series are drawn from more than 1,000 persons, including those from community agencies, consumer and advocacy groups. Our community forums and newsletter keep HIV-infected people and their providers informed about ongoing clinical trials and the latest clinical advances. Brown faculty work closely at the national, state, and local level to be sure that legislation and policies not only address HIV-related issues, but are responsive to the unique characteristics of this epidemic and the populations affected by it.

The Larger Context

BRUNAP faculty researchers are not myopically confined to understanding the AIDS pandemic without a larger context. Several faculty are studying the relation of AIDS to other sexually transmitted diseases, to tuberculosis, and to drug addiction. The clinical and epidemiological insights gleaned from AIDS work are being extended to parallel infectious disease problems ranging from chronic viral diseases such as Epstein-Barr Virus and Hepatitis A - G to the relationship of the immune system and the development of cancer, and the establishment of surveillance systems to track the global spread of other infectious disease problems such as muti-drug antibiotic resistance.