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Robert Boland, MD

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Robert Boland

Title: Professor of Psychiatry & Human Behavior
Department: Psychiatry & Human Behavior

+1 401 455 6417, +1 401 793 4300

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Overview | Research | Grants/Awards | Teaching | Publications

1. Psychiatric aspects of HIV. This includes particular attention to the effects of depression on persons suffering with HIV and AIDS.

2. Teaching with technology. This involves developing and using new technologies, with an emphasis on computers and the internet, in aiding and complementing traditional classroom teaching.


Robert Boland, M.D. (Co-PI/Program Co-Director): Dr. Boland is a Professor of Psychiatry in the DPHB on the Teacher Scholar track and the Associate Training Director for the Brown General Psychiatry Residency. He has taught at all levels of training in the University. Most significantly, he directs the Introductory Psychiatry Course for given to all med students at Brown Medical School and is a primary lecturer in that course. In addition, he is the director of the Clerkship in Psychiatry. He publishes in the area of Psychosomatic Medicine and Teaching methods in Psychiatry with more than 40 peer reviewed publications and more than 30 book chapters; he is currently on the editorial boards for Academic Psychiatry, Psychosomatics, and FOCUS (the APA's journal of continuing education) and was appointed by the American College of Psychiatry to be the Assistant Editor for the Psychiatry Residents in Training Examination (PRITE). He has been active in a number of organizations relevant to academic psychiatry, is a Past President for the Association for Academic Psychiatry recently was elected to the Steering committee of American Association of Directors of Residency Training (AADPRT) and is their Program Chair for 2013. He has contributed to a number of research studies include the NIMH Collaborative Depression Study and the CDC sponsored Natural History of HIV Infection in U.S. Women (HERS) Study and has continuously served on various NIH study sections for the last decade.



Research Description

1. Psychiatric aspects of HIV. Robert Boland was a collaborator on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)-sponsored HERS (HIV Epidemiologic Research Study) grant, which was designed to study the natural course of HIV infection in women with HIV. His role was to concentrate on the psychiatric aspects of HIV infection, particularly the role of depression in quality of life and the progression of disease.

2. Teaching with technology. Currently, Robert Boland is involved in the development of automated interactive technologies, both CD-ROM and web based, as aids in teaching psychopathology and psychopharmacology. His most recent project, currently development, is a use of web based didactic materials as a substitute for traditional lecturing, with a transition from live lectures to more interactive learning techniques (case based learning, or the use of games in the classroom, for example).


Outstanding Teaching Award in Medical Student Education, Brown University School of Medicine, 1999.

Outstanding Teaching Award in Geriatric Fellowship Training Program, Brown University School of Medicine, 2000

Region I Teacher of the Year Award, Association for Academic Psychiatry, 2000

Nominee, Charles C. Shepard Science Award for the most outstanding peer-reviewed research papers, sponsored by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry, 2002

Fellow of the American Academy of Psychosomatic Medicine, 2005
Deans Excellence in Teaching Award, Brown University School of Medicine

NIH BMIO "Tiger Award" 6/06
Given by the Behavioral Medicine Interventions and Outcomes Study Section for "the best review". This was awarded during the June '06 student sections.

USDHHS Public Health Service National Institutes of Health Appreciation Award 6/15/06. Given to acknowledge my years of service as a study section member.

Distinguished Fellow, the American Psychiatric Association, 2007

Academic Psychiatry, Recognition Award for Peer Reviewing, 2007

Outstanding Teacher Award in General Psychiatry, awarded by the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine, the Warren Alpert School of Medicine, Brown University 6/13/08

Certificate of Recognition for Exemplary Teaching in BIOL 3652 IMS II: Brain Science 6/09.


American Psychiatric Association
-Distinguished Fellow, 2007
-Scientific Program Committee, 2004-
American Medical Association
The Academy of Psychosomatic Medicine (APM)
Fellow of the APM, 2005
Rhode Island Medical Society
Association for Academic Psychiatry
-Treasurer, 2006-2008
-Secretary, 2008-2009
-Vice Present, 2009-10
-President, 2010-11

American Association of Directors of Medical Student Education
New England Pain Association
Association for Geriatric Psychiatry
American Association of Technology In Psychiatry (AATP)
American Association of Directors of Residency Training
-Chair, Information Technology Committee 2007 - 2012
-Program Chair, 2012-13

Funded Research

1. Natural History of HIV Infection in U.S. Women.
Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) U64/CCU106795.
Role on project: Co-investigator. PI: Charles C. J. Carpenter, M.D.
Dates and costs of entire project: 10/01/91-09/30/96: $3,956,900.
Dates and costs of current year: 10/01/95-09/30/96: $234,796

2. Lifespan/Tufts/Brown Center for AIDS Research (CFAR),
Source: National Institutes of Health (NIH) AI-42853-01.
Role on project: Investigator (unfunded)
Dates and costs of project: 9/1/02-8/31/07.

3. A Novel Method for Teaching Psychopathology.
Source: Brown University Teacher Scholar Grant.
Role on project: Principal Investigator.
Costs of project: $1,598. 6/1/1998-7/30/1999

4. Professional Services for Bio-Med Course 278, Introduction to Clinical Psychiatry.
Source: Brown University, Grant # 2-40550.
Role on project: PI.
Costs of project: $2,711.

5. Integrating Primary Care with Psychiatric Treatment in HIV-Positive Women
Source: Lifespan Development Grant.
Role on project: Principal Investigator.
Dates and costs of entire project: 3/98-3/99: $23,434.

6. Integrating primary care with outpatient treatment in HIV-positive women.
Source: Department of Psychiatry and Human Behavior, Brown University School of Medicine.
Role on project: Principal Investigator.
Dates and costs of entire project: 07/1/96-06/30/97: $20,000

7. Sertraline in Geriatric Depression.
Source: Pfizer Protocol R-0552.
Role on project: Principal Investigator (Miriam Site).
Cost of entire project: $5020/patient. 6/1999-7/2000

8. A Novel Method for Teaching Psychopathology.
Source: Teaching Scholar Grant, Brown University Curriculum-Development Grant.
Role on Project: Principal Investigator.
Dates and costs of entire project: 5/15/99-5/15/2000: $1,598.

9. Computer Innovations for Teaching Pharmacology.
Source: MD2000 Grant, Brown University Curriculum-Development Grant.
Role on project: Principal Investigator.
Dates and costs of entire project: 7/1/00-7/1/01: $2,729.

10. Lifespan AIDS Center for Excellence.
Source: Lifespan grant.
Role on Project: Consultant (5%).

11. HIV Center of excellence support for comprehensive care for undeserved persons with HIV.
Source: Ryan White Title III.
Role on project: Co-investigator (10% effort). Principal Investigator: Josiah Rich MD.
Dates and Cost of Entire Project 7/1/00: $333,000.

12. Computer Innovations in Teaching.
Source: Brown Medical School Curriculum Innovation Grant.
Role on project: Principal Investigator.
Dates and costs of entire project: 4/1/2005-4/1/2006: $1,500.

Teaching Experience


1.Brown Medical School Course 371. Group Leader 1992-

2. Psychiatry Residency Site Coordinator, Consultation/Liaison Rotation 1992-1998

3. Site Coordinator Medical School Psychiatry Clerkship 1992-

4. Lecturer, Behavioral Medicine Seminar Series (Somatoform Disorders) 1992--

5. Lecturer, Miriam Hospital Medical Resident's noon Lecture Series 1992--

6. Individual Supervisor, Psychiatry Residency 1992--

7. Brown University Undergraduate Teacher. Research Elective Mentor (Psychiatric Aspects of AIDS) 1993--

8. Psychiatry Residency (PGY II) Course: Consultation/Liaison Psychiatry Seminar. Course Leader 1993--

9. Brown Medical School Course 372. Group Leader 1993-1999

10. Mock Board Examiner for Department of Psychiatry, Dartmouth University Residency Training Program. 1994¬–

11. Affinity Group Leader, "Mind and Body" (2 separate groups, 1995-1999 and 1999-2003)

12. Psychiatry Residency (PGY IV) Course: Somatoform Disorders. Course Leader 1995--

13. Brown University Undergraduate Teacher. Longitudinal Mentor (Psychiatric Aspects of AIDS) 1996-1997

14. Lecturer, Medical Student Clerkship Seminar Series: Somatoform Disorders 1997-

15. Primary Lecturer (11 lectures), Biomed 278, Introduction to Clinical Psychiatry 1997-2003

16. Lecturer, Psychology Internship CORE Seminar Series: Mental Status Exam, Adult Psychopharmacology 1997-2003

17. Psychiatry Residency (PGY IV) Lecture: Emergency Psychiatry 1998-2000

18. Co-Course Director Biomed 278, Introduction to Clinical Psychiatry 1998-1999

19. Director, Lecture series, Brown University Geriatric Psychiatry Fellowship. 1998-

20. Assistant Director, Geriatric Psychiatry Fellowship, Brown University School of Medicine 1998-

21. Course Leader, Support Group, Brown University Internal Medicine Residency, 1998-

22. Course Director Biomed 278. Introduction to Clinical Psychiatry 1999– 2003

23. Lecturer, Nursing Gerontology Lecture Series, Miriam Hospital, 2002–2003

24. Clerkship Director, Psychiatry. 2003-

25. Seminar Leader: Medical Student Presentation Seminar. 2004-

26. Course Co-Director Biomed 370, The Brain and Human Behavior 2004-2006
27. Course Section Director (Psychiatry). BI 365, Brain Sciences. 2007—

Courses Taught

  • Brain and Behavior: An Integrated Approach (BI0370)
  • Brain Sciences (BI 365)
  • Clerkship in Psychiatry (BI0510)
  • Introduction to Clinical Psychiatry (BI0278)

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Selected Publications

  • Christopher PP, Boland RJ, Recupero PR, Phillips KA. Psychiatric residents' experience conducting disability evaluations. Acad Psychiatry. 2010 May-Jun;34(3):211-5.(2010)
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