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Cynthia Rosengard, PhD, MPH

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Cynthia Rosengard

Title: Associate Professor of Behavioral & Social Sciences (Research) and Associate Professor of Medicine (Research)
Department: Behavioral & Social Sciences and Medicine

401-305-0364, 401-639-1560

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Cynthia Rosengard, Ph.D., M.P.H., is an Associate Professor (Research) of Behavioral and Social Sciences at Brown University. Her research focuses on understanding adolescents' sexual decision-making within different types of partnerships and unplanned pregnancy and HIV/STD prevention interventions. Her work incorporates traditional quantitative evaluation and qualitative data collection and analysis.


Dr. Rosengard received her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from UCONN in 1994. Subsequently, she completed a post-doctoral fellowship in Psychology and Medicine and Adolescent Medicine at UCSF and served on the faculty of the Pacific Graduate School of Psychology in Palo Alto, CA. She joined the General Internal Medicine Research Unit at Rhode Island Hospital in 2001. In 2002, she was awarded a career development award from NIMH entitled "Partner-specific Factors in Adolescent Sexual Behavior." In September of 2006, she was awarded an R01 from NIDA entitled "Partner-specific HIV Risk Reduction for Drug Using Incarcerated Adolescents" (completed in May, 2011). In 2005, Dr. Rosengard received her MPH from Brown University. In 2008, Dr. Rosengard joined the Division of Research, Department of OB/GYN at Women & Infants Hospital. In 2012, Dr. Rosengard joined the faculty of Behavioral and Social Sciences within the School of Public Health at Brown University.



Research Description

Cynthia Rosengard's adolescent health research focuses on investigations of the influences on adolescent sexual decision-making and behavior. Her earlier work has included health values' protective role in adolescent sexual decision-making and the development and evaluation of theory-driven risk reduction interventions. Her current research examines the factors that influence sexual behavior within different types of sexual partnerships and assesses these associations separately for adolescent boys and girls. Her ultimate goal is to develop interventions that will decrease the incidence of STDs and unplanned pregnancies in adolescents and young adults. Through her program of research, she plans to develop sexual risk reduction interventions that will include important attitudes, values, and expectancies found to influence partner-specific sexual decision-making in adolescents. Future research on a broader range of influential factors (i.e., family, peer, community, and culture) and additional emphasis on the development of targeted risk prevention interventions (e.g., targeting sexually inexperienced adolescents) are a part of her long-term plan of research.


Phi Beta Kappa (1995)
National Research Service Award (NRSA) Pre-doctoral Fellowship (1993)
Connecticut Psychological Association's Outstanding Student Award (1993)


Faculty Member, Lifespan/Tufts/Brown Center for AIDS Research (CFAR)
April 2004 to present

Professional Research Faculty Affiliate, Center for Health Intervention and Prevention (CHIP), University of Connecticut
February 2002 to present

Trainer, American Psychological Association's HIV Office of Psychology Education (HOPE) Program, Washington, DC
January 1999 to 2011

Mentor, Metropolitan Regional Career and Technical Center (The Met School), Providence, RI
March 2005 to 2008

Funded Research


1.(2002-2008) Principal Investigator, "Partner-specific Factors in Adolescent Sexual Behavior." National Institutes of Health (NIH) Grant #K01-MH067490-01. $580,835.
2.(2004 â€" 2005) Co-Investigator (Maureen Phipps, M.D.- PI) "Impact of Pregnancy Intention and Stress." Brown Research Seed Funds â€" Office of the Vice President for Research. $99,890.
3.(2004 â€" 2009) Co-Investigator (Michael Stein, M.D. â€" PI) "A Brief Marijuana Intervention for Adolescent Women." NIH Grant #1 R01 DA18954-01. $1,825,983.
4. (2006-2007) Co-Investigator, (Kathleen Morrow, Ph.D. â€" PI) "Measuring Microbicide Acceptability in Adolescent Women in the United States and South Africa." Brown University/Women & Infants Hospital National Center of Excellence in Women's Health Innovations in Women's Health Research Seed Grant, $20,000.
5. (2006 -- 2011) Principal Investigator, "Partner-specific HIV Risk Reduction for Drug Using Incarcerated Adolescents." National Institutes of Health Grant #1 R01 DA 022921-01, $1,158,866.
6. (2008) Principal Investigator, Diversity Supplement to "Partner-specific HIV Risk Reduction for Drug Using Incarcerated Adolescents." NIH Grant #1 R01 DA 022921-02, $1,158,866.
7. (2012-2013) Co-Investigator, (Ronnesia Gaskins -- PI) "Helping Ethnically Diverse Teen Mothers Prevent Obesity in Their Preschool Children." R21

Teaching Experience

Research methods
Clinical interviewing
Health psychology
Psychopathology (on-line and on-campus)

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Selected Publications

  • Raj, A., Clarke, J., Silverman, J., Rose, J., Rosengard, C., Hebert, M. R., & Stein, M. D. (2006). Violence against women associated with arrests of sex-trade but not drug charges. International Journal of Law and Psychiatry, 29, 204-211.(2006)
  • Clarke, J. G., Hebert, M. R., Rosengard, C., Rose, J., DaSilva, K., & Stein, M. D. (2006). Reproductive health care and family planning needs of incarcerated women. American Journal of Public Health, 96(5), 834-839.(2006)
  • Clarke, J.G., Rosengard, C., Rose, J., Hebert, M. R., Peipert, J., & Stein, M. D. (2006). Initiation of birth control method among incarcerated women: Comparison of pre-release and community delivery. American Journal of Public Health, 96(5), 840-845.(2006)
  • Rosengard, C., Clarke, J. G., DaSilva, K., Hebert, M. R., Rose, J., & Stein, M. D. (2005). Correlates of partner-specific condom intentions among incarcerated women in Rhode Island. Perspectives on Sexual & Reproductive Health, 37(1), 32-38.(2005)
  • Phipps, M.G., Rosengard, C., Weitzen, S., & Boardman, L. A. (2005). Low rates of voluntary paternity establishment for infants born to unmarried adolescent mothers. Journal of Reproductive Medicine, 50(1), 764-770.(2005)
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