Accounts & Access

For pricing, please see Rates. To request an account, please fill out a New User Account form. All accounts are subject to our General Terms and Conditions.

RData Accounts

For access to storage.

  • All Brown University faculty members and PIs can request a free account with a 256GB allocation.
  • Students and researchers can request an account that shares their advisor's 256GB allocation. We can configure the allocation to be shared among all the users within a research group or lab.
  • Additional storage can be purchased on an annual or long term basis.

HPC Accounts

For access to computational resources.

Each account receives a home directory with a 10GB allocation, but this space is intended for storing source code and applications and not for research data. You can pair an HPC account with an RData account to obtain research data storage.


  • Limited to using 16 CPU cores and 12 hours of CPU time
  • Low priority in the job queue
  • Free for Brown University faculty, researchers and students (a 3 month free trial is available to all others)


  • Full access1 to HPC resources for an individual user2
    1 Subject to a per-user limit
    Cannot be shared by multiple people
  • Medium priority in the job queue
  • Good option for an individual researcher or for a research group where only one user3 needs the bulk of the HPC resources
    3 Other members can setup exploratory accounts

Group Premium

  • Includes six premium accounts, and additional users can be added at a discount
  • Good option for research groups or labs where all members need full access to HPC resources

Condo Membership

PI's may choose to contribute grant funding for the purchase of additional hardware, to add capacity or capabilities to the core system. The hardware purchase can be tailored to specific research needs (e.g., GPU's, SMP nodes, large memory, solid-state drives, etc.), but all equipment must meet a basic level of compatibility with the existing cluster. The exact hardware configuration will be determined by consensus of the PI and CCV management.

  • Any number of Exploratory, Premium, or Group Premium accounts can be affiliated with the condo.
  • These accounts receive, collectively, the highest priority (next to run priority) in the job queue for a portion of the system equivalent to the condo (not necessarily the same physical nodes) for a period of 3 years without incurring additional account access fees. In addition, condo users will have an allocation twice the size of the purchased condo (2X). Condo users receive next to run priority on their resources (buy-in) and normal priority on the additional X nodes.
  • During the first 3 years, high priority access will be implemented by queuing and scheduling policies that promote affiliated jobs to the top of the queue for execution scheduling.
  • In the event that the condo is not immediately available for scheduling, the condo user will have next-to-run priority for the condo.
  • In years 4 and 5, the priorities will be successively decreased to those of the normal priority accounts.
  • In the case that a condo user's jobs request more resources than contained in the condo, they will be scheduled with a preferred priority calculated with terms proportional to the size of the condo (relative to the entire system) and inversely proportional to the size of the request. This will always yield a priority higher than the base priority.
  • The minimum size of a condo is two nodes (1U) and nodes must be purchased in pairs. Note: This is a requiremnet for the iDataPlex but it may change in the future. GPU nodes are double in size so these can be purchased as single nodes.