RData Permissions

Permissions on RData are configured to allow only access to you, and members of your group if you have requested this from CCV. Any other user will be unable to access your files and unable to browse your RData folder.

Changing permissions on files/directories inside RData (Windows):

  • right click the file/directory
  • select Properties
  • click the Security tab:
  • click Edit
  • check/uncheck the permissions you would like to modify
  • click OK

Changing permissions to your top-level RData folder:

First, connect to Oscar.

  • use “chmod” to change your data folder permissions - here are some examples:

chmod 2700 ~/data     (restricts access to only you)
chmod 2770 ~/data   (restricts access to you and group members - default permissions)
chmod 2775 ~/data     (read/write access to you and group members, read access for others)

To add or subtract read/write permissions on all the files in a directory that you own, use

chmod -R g+rw <directory>
chmod -R g-rw <directory>

If you would like to know what other users are members of your group, please contact CCV support.