The Center for Computation and Visualization provides high-performance computing and visualization services to the Brown community.

Faculty members, researchers, and students turn to CCV when they need to:

  • take advantage of optimized numerical libraries and scientific applications
  • run, test or debug parallel or compute-intensive algorithms and applications
  • produce, store, backup, analyze or visualize large datasets
  • transfer and share data at high bandwidths through a parallel file system
  • access computing systems with specialized hardware, such as large memories or GPU co-accelerators
  • use Unix/Linux systems to run complex applications and scripting tasks
  • integrate externally funded hardware into an on-campus data center.
(Download a brochure with an overview of our services.)

User Services & Support

The CCV staff consults with prospective users to determine the best way to use our systems.

We support our systems through many activities, including:

  • software and application installation, optimization, and maintenance
  • code debugging, profiling and parallelization
  • education and outreach through documentation, workshops and courses
  • proposal development for CCV-related projects
  • application development for funded, collaborative projects.