Facilities Statement

If you are writing a grant proposal for research that will use CCV facilities, please use the following text as a short description of our facilities:

Brown University has made significant investments in resources to promote analysis and handling of massive data sets.  A key investment has been the continued development of the Center for Computation and Visualization (CCV). CCV functions are to generate, store, backup, analyze or visualize large datasets for members of the Brown community, and to provide the necessary infrastructure, including support, to transfer and share data at high bandwidths through a parallel file system.  CCV establishes collaborations with research groups to install, run, test, and debug parallel or compute-intensive algorithms and applications and provides access to systems with specialized hardware, such as large memories or GPU co accelerators.  CCV also provides a business model to integrate externally funded hardware into Brown’s on-campus data center.

The computing platform comprises a 300+ node IBM iDataPlex system with 88 GPU's for accelerated computing, and peak performance of roughly 64 Teraflops. A GPFS parallel filesystem provides roughly 390 Terabytes of disk storage, and 40 Gb/s Infiniband connectivity  is used for all parallel applications messaging and I/O. The storage system is integrated with a 2 Petabyte Tivoli TSM backup/archival system. CCV also maintains a high end visualization lab with large scale immersive visualization capabilities. This includes a fully immersive Cave system and a multi-projector stereo display wall. Custom visualization solutions for software and hardware needs are available. 

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